Racing is organised and hosted by the Pupuke Boating Club (Inc) on Sunday afternoons
at Sylvan Park, Lake Pupuke, Milford - 1400 Summer, 1330 Winter / Spring

1.0 Rules
Racing will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing 2017 - 2020 (the rules)
2.0 Alterations to Racing Rules
rule 32 will include an additional method of 'shortening the course' using 'S' over '1'
rule 33 will include an alternate method of 'changing the course'
rule 35 will be extended to say:
"any boats that have not finished within 10 minutes of the first boat, may be scored as DNF"
rule 44 will say 'a One-turn penalty is required for a breach of a Part-2 rule'
3.0 Eligibility and Entry
Entries will be accepted on race-days at the lake
Entry fees: $5 per boat for the day's racing ($2 if Club Member or Nil if season-ecntry held)
A separate Class event may be started if six or more boats are entered for that class
Classes currently racing: Laser Radial Starling P-Class Optimist
4.0 Schedule of Events
Two races back-to-back, each 40 to 60 minutes duration are scheduled
Summer season . . first warning - 1400 NZDT (October thru Easter)
Winter & Spring seasons . . first warning - 1330 NZST
Upto 20 races are scheduled for Championship & Handicap series in each of Spring, Summer and Winter seasons
A calendar is available which details the dates as to which races belong to which series
5.0 Sailing Instructions
Are available at the clubhouse - or click here
6.0 Courses to be sailed
Windward-leeward or triangular courses are sailed about fixed marks in the lake
7.0 Scoring
The LowPoint system Appendix A will apply for any 'trophy series'.
A boat's score will be her best 66% of scores from all completed races.
Trophies are awarded to financial members of the club according to the member's performance and activities
A fee of $60 dollars entitles a person to membership of the club and its affiliations for the period 1 Sep thru 31 Aug (covers the Spring, Summer, Winter racing seasons 1 Aug thru 31 Sep)
David Lowe . . . p: 09 415 3346 . . email
Garth Briden . . m: 022 675 8207 . . email
John Dowsett . . m: 021 0292 4136 . . . email

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