Racing is organised and hosted by the Pupuke Boating Club (Inc) on Sunday afternoons
at Sylvan Park, Lake Pupuke, Milford - 1400 Summer, 1330 Spring, Winter

Racing will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing 2017 - 2020 (the rules)
2.0Notices to Competitors
Notices to competitors will be posted on the noticeboard at the clubhouse.
3.0Changes to Sailing Instructions
Any changes will be posted at least 15 minutes prior to the first warning signal on the day.
4.0Signals Made Ashore
Signals made ashore will be displayed at the tower or at the clubhouse.
5.0Schedule of Races
5.1two races, each between 40 and 60 minutes, are scheduled for each Sunday.
5.2dates, start times and the allocation of a race-day to a 'series' are as notified in the calendar
5.3Generally: first warning is at 1400 NZDT Summer, 1330 NZST Winter & Spring.
5.4On the water, instructions regarding race starts and courses may be given verbally.
6.0Courses and Marks
6.1Six orange floatables are permanently located in the N, E, S, SW, W, NW 'corners' of the lake.
Attachment MAP, and the blackboard at the clubhouse, show the lake, the marks, and possible course configurations.
6.2the course will generally be 1-3 - 1-2-3 - 1-3 - fin, a port course being favored, depending on wind direction and strength.
6.3the initial course for the afternoon will be demonstrated on a blackboard at the clubhouse prior to the first warning signal.
7.0The Start
7.1Races will be started using rule 26 with a three-minute sequence. (3,2,1,go)
7.2The warning signal for any succeeding class in a sequence will be made not less than one minute after the starting signal of the preceeding class.
For back-to-back races, the warning signal of the next sequence of starts will occur not less than three minutes after the finish of the previous races.
7.3starting from the beach: . . the start line shall be between a orange cone at the water's edge and a small orange buoy laid to the east.
7.4starting from the committee boat: . . the start line shall be between the forward staff on the committee boat and a port-end orange floatable, which may, or may not, be mark #3 of the course.
8.0Change the Course (altering rule 33)
At a mark of the course, the committee boat will make periodic sounds and display 'C' over a Red or Green flag. The next mark lies to Port or Starboard of the original mark.
Any directional confusion may be resolved by displaying 'L' on a lead boat.
9.0Shorten the Course (additional to rule 32)
On a leg of the course, the committee boat will make sounds and show 'S' over '1', meaning that the remaining course is to the NEXT mark, thence to the normal FINISH LINE.
10.0The Finish (except when rule 32 'S' is in effect)
10.1The finish line will be between a cone on the shore and a small orange buoy laid to the east.
10.2When more than one class is racing, do not cross the FinishLine unless finishing.
11.0Time Limits (additional to rule 35)
In any race, a starter that has not finished within 10 minutes of the first boat to finish, may be scored as DNF for that race.
11.0Penalties (altering rule 44)
a 'One-turn penalty' is required for a breach of a Part-2 rule
Protests shall be delivered within 15 minutes of the last boat to finish the races for the day.
13.1the Low Point system of Appendix A will apply for any 'trophy series'.
13.2a boat's total will exclude her worst scores from 33% of completed races.
13.3Non-placegetters in a race score as per Appendix A9.
13.4Trophies will be awarded to financial members of the club.
to qualify for Spring & Summer series, the entrant must be financial by 31 Jan.
to qualify for Winter series, the entrant must be financial by 31 May.
John Dowsett . . m: 021 0292 4136 . . or . . email
Garth Briden . . m: 022 675 8207 . . or . . email
David Lowe . . p: 09 480 6833 . . or . . email

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