Racing is organised and hosted by the Pupuke Boating Club (Inc) on
Wednesday evenings at Sylvan Park, Lake Pupuke, Milford
pre_Xmas - October thru December ::: post_Xmas - January thru March

1.0 Rules
Racing will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing 2017 - 2020 (the rules)
2.0 Alterations to Racing Rules
rule 35 will be extended to say:
  "any boats that have not finished within 5 minutes of the first boat, may be scored as DNF"
rule 44 will be changed to say:
  "a One-turn penalty applies when a rule of Part 2 is broken"
3.0 Eligibility and Entry
Entries will be accepted on race-days at the lake
Entry fees: $5 per boat for the evening's racing ($2 if Club Member)
Classes currently racing: Laser - Radial - 4.7
4.0 Schedule of Events
Back-to-back races, each 25 to 40 minutes duration, are scheduled each Wednesday.
Time of first warning - 1800 NZDT
Upto 26 races are scheduled for each series (pre-Xmas & post-Xmas)
5.0 Sailing Instructions
Are available at the clubhouse - or click here
6.0 Courses to be sailed
Windward-leeward courses will be sailed about fixed marks in the lake
7.0 Scoring
The LowPoint system Appendix A will apply.
A boats total will be her best scores from 66% of completed races.
8.0 Prizes
Trophies are awarded to series winners of relevant classes / divisions
David Lowe . . p: 09 415 3346 . . or . . email
Garth Briden . m: 022 675 8207 . . or . . email
John Dowsett . m: 021 0292 4136 . . or . . email

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