Friday, July 24, 2009

Abuse a Smoker A Day

"Smokers are now the only minority whose minority status is quoted as justification for abuse."-

Joe Jackson

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         Smokers, the only group of people left on the planet that can be offended and abused with impunity. Gays are out of the closet,smokers are being forced in. Golliwoggs and Noddy are burnt books, you cant use the word wog or nazi,it may offend. But you can call a smoker anything you want we arent allowed to be offended.

       You can throw old smokers out in the cold from their retirement homes but the dog can stay inside, speak volumes to me folk, but as a smoker I have no right as to how and where I smoke a legal product.         

          Owners of business have had their  freedom to choose who comes into the establishment. Geez and Americans believe all American are free under their constitution. You have every reason to believe justice is blind. I do!!

Another huge price hike

Kiwis were slapped with another 10% price hike. Wont stop me ,you like fleecing old ladies eh? Well 1 out of 5 new zealander smoke and most of them will continue. I think  your government economists must be either dunces or completely thick. All you are doing is taking a huge amount of money out of an already crumbling economy. I am not dead yet at 63 and have been smoking since I was nine. You can keep putting them up I dont care it just means I dont spend my money elsewhere. Mutiple that by all the other smokers, you lose suckers.

So the National Party and Mr Key are pro business. Duh, you are as socialist as the Labour Party, you are all the same, control freaks. get out of peoples lives, run the country, dont be a nanny.  Again you are losing the huge sums of money Tobacco Comanys used to put into sport ,charities and advertising, again your loss, long live the depression.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

And It didnt stop in 1998

Smoking, obesity, alcohol problems are lifestyle choice we make knowing the risks, just like an extreme sportsman does.
Nuclear pollution is forced upon us. Isreal, Iran, North Korea and other countries are now carrying on the radition poisoning of this planet.
And most people are happy to allow the demonizing of tobacco for all the worlds health ills because the other senario is to hard to swallow

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ok Lets Go with The conspiracy Theory

So you dont smoke so you dont care. Lets go back as far as 1945 when every man and his dog smoked. This was the time of the first nuclear bomb test by the USA, since then well up to 1998, 2053 nuclear bombs have been test, over 1000 by the US, above and below ground, 2 wiping 2 Japanese cities.Then the Russians were at it all above ground one of their bombs was so big they had to alter the cargo bay of the plane used to drop it.

Then in come the Poms(English), the french, the chinese. As I stated before 2053 bombs in total.

And our governments prefer that people who use their own brains dont know that. You cant tell me that all those blasts didnt have any affect on our air we breathe even climate change.

Since 19945, respiretory diseases have quadrupled, cancer rates are out of control.

Yet smoking rates have decreased. So in comes my conspiracy theory:-). These government needed a fall guy to cover for their know indiscretions, what could cause all these health problem to arise, hell we cant tell the population its because we polluted the atmosphere with nuclear radiation, which has a shelf life of thousands of years. I know lets blame it on smoking, and the unthinking will swallow it and not think about other probable causes.

End of theory, just as an aside . Who is making huge money out of the anti-smoking bullshit.

The health stormtroops and legal drug pushing pharmacuetical companies

Anyway enough, I want you to type into Google and type in The Explosions of Every Nuclear Bomb To 1998.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Take Your Own medicine

So the doc does'nt want to take his own medicine. He has lung cancer and wants to end his own life when he's had enuf, yet all through his working life he has watched his patients suffer to the end.
He also said he was an anti-smoker, one of those that told his patients dont smoke and you want get cancer, espesially lung cancer. Well he was lying to his patients, just because you dont smoke doesnt save you from any cancer, look at the stats for god sake.
Studys have shown that the very air conditioned buildings that smokers have been kicked out of can cause lung cancer and of cause the old hoary chestnut Legionairs disease.
I guess smokers should thank the holy rolling anti smokers for that one.
Doc be a man take your own medicine stop bleating, why should you not suffer as the patients you have treated have, especially as most of them would be the smokers you loathed so much.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bollocks and more Bollocks

Listen anti, smoking stormtroopers, I DON'T WANT TO GIVE UP!! And a lot of people who are won't want to either. Putting the price way out of their reach, is a form of coercion, bloody force in other words. So the quit line is humming eh. Well dont go on their crap folk people who like me are no going to give up even if we are forced underground, are finding ways around the price hikes already. Me I dont want to be a criminal just yet am stocking up, but others have already gone to the drug pushers of the illegal kind. Bloody strange right?, when tobacco is a legal product.
The rate of dairy robberies and other ciggie outlets have already gone up and shopkeepers are being batttered or dying because of the price of a cigerette. Good eh? Well Mr Key thinks its ok.
Also the infaltion rate you get told is a pack of lies, what must the inflated cigs prices be doing to real inflation rates? I for one each time they go up spend less on other things. 700,000 smokers are not buying product that would help the government money problems cos their tax on the choice of lifestyle is hitting the roof.
Do your worst you alcohol swilling hypocrites, when my legal drug of choice has gone underground I will watch as I smoke my cheaper illegal tobacco as your alcohol price hit the roof.

Friday, July 2, 2010


I am sick to death of my lifestyle choice of drug being on the most wanted list by the control freak.
They continue to cry about the stats of how many of us die ayear 5000 but stats are made to say whatever the control freaks want. As I have said many times and will keep saying if you smoke and die you died of smoking. Even if you say had diabetes or pancreatic cancer, kidney disease, Folk these are not caused by smoking but they go down on a smokers death certificate as smoking related.
I watched a program on c7 last night. It was in a pub these control freak were deciding whether prisoners could smoke in jail. No one will own up to having been in jail but I will. I was put on remand in Mt Eden womens prison in the 60,s for 2 weeks. Each week I was given a free ration of tobacco even if I wasnt a smoker. And dont tell me that the dangers of smoking werent known then even when I started smoking at 9 they were known as cancer sticks. Bloody hypocrites, standing there with their own drug, alcohol, in their hands.
Alcohol is also a poison, it causes diseases and cancers, panceatic, kidney problems, diabetes. It kills passively innnocent ppl children die in their thousands on the road from family violent. I am sick of going on about it. Again alcohol cost the country 16billion dollars smoking 1 billion and smokers more than cover that in taxes ripped of them by health nazis who watch people die every day from alc0hol and turn a blind eye cause most folk drink it. I gave it up because I was gang raped by imbibers, beaten by a booze fuelled husband. I will not give up my smokes they are all I have left and I enjoy it.
But folk stay on the path of beating smokers into oblivion , then see who the control freaks go after for their tax money. I am positive it will be alcohol. If I cant smoke I will eat myself to death at least I will go still enjoying something in life.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh and BTW

The man health nazis let drown in his own fluid, I think from me had memory his name was Rau Williams,had diabetes. Smoking doesnt cause this!!!
They say last night that they are trying to make smokers as uncomfortable as possible, with price hikes and draconian laws. These control freaks say they are there to help. Bullshit,there are many smokers like me who have no wish to give up but these decendents of Hitler dont give a damn about being helpful they want to force their lifestyle choices on others this is called totalitarizim. When creeps like this think it is fine to force the mentally ill, the old who have smoked all their lives out into all sorts of weather to take away someones lifestyle choice because they dont like it are called nazis. They believe you should live life as they see fit.
Well I am stocking up on my smokes and please try coming around and telling me you'd like me to give up.
And if it is ever banned I am prepared to die for my freedom to choose. Ban it and I go on a get hugely fat strike.Thats what happens to people who give smoking up anyway. I hate this world because of these lifestyle bashers, Take my lifestlye choice away and I dont want to live in this control freak health nazi world


Wednesday, June 30, 2010


A maori man before a select committee on smoking past around his heart, he had had a heart transplant. This man should count himself lucky.
Years ago they let one of his whanau drown in his own waste because he was a smoker and drinker and would not give up. This action was nothing less than tantamount to medicinal murder. That man paid his taxes thru pay and the tax he paid on his ciggies. But no he would not tow the totalitarian line and was left to die.
The man before the committee, maori, known for being high users of alcohol, ciggies, marijuana, and most commonly the fatty boil up blames his problems on much did the anti smoking lobby pay him to do that.
If your a smoker you death is attributed to that, even if your fat, an alcoholic, a illegal drug smoker or just genetically suseptable to what ever killed you.
The maori are still listen to the white mans bullshit, when will they ever learn.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Go to this story then ask yourself why smokers are paying. Why is it not sad that 100,000 die a year from alcohol related deaths, from accident or disease?
I ask myself this continually. If you dont your a hypoctite.
That alcohol cost the country 16 billion a year, smoking costs 1 billion??????? Why am I a smoker paying for those who harm themselves and others thru the booze????
You go figure I cant

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hitler Must Be A happy Man

He too used brainwashed children to get his fascist points across. The children ar parliment with their grandads coffin made of ciggy packet shoed a pick of grandad he looked like a happy old man. Did this man drink, eat boilups?
Why doesnt the fascist running this vendetta against tobacco use it to brainwash their children against other killers like fast food boilups and booze.
The continual lambasting of smokers is sickening, I have smoked for 53yrs aint dead yet but I sont drink alcohol and I dont do boilups and fast food. My heart and lungs are fine.
But the bashing of my choice of legal drug is doing my head in

Diabetes and asthma rates soar?

Why? Wasn't getting the population to stop smoking supposed to lessen asthma rates. As smoking rates drop, asthma rates soar. You explain that to me please.
Diabetes, 8000 a year die from it here. Many of those now dying of diabetes are ex-smokers who gave up and took up eating. Many of those who die, drink excessive amounts of alcohol.
Who is paying for these deaths, not the junk food junkies, not the alcohol soaked. The smoker is paying and paying and paying.
Lets just say all smokers gave up, who would pay then eh.

Monday, May 10, 2010

So Sad, But Nevermind.

Another teenager dies of alcohol poisoning, but hey there is no cause to raise the taxes.Lets tax the smoker though its really really sad when they die age from maybe 60 onwards.
We cant tax the booze to many people imbibe they may vote us out next election eh Mr key.
These people worry only about their power, the smoker doesnt moan about the rises they just keep on smokin. But hey tax the drinker and the shit may hit the fan.
Teenages are dying everyday from the drink either by poisoning or road kill, but what the hey lets tax the pooh out of the smoker they dont moan, they also dont cause road kill, but what the hey at least the teenage drinker went sozzled and happy. So sad to see a smoker die though cos they are paying for the road kill and the poisoning.
Nevermind that the A+E's are full of patients harmed or dying from booze related injuries. Very sad but lets not tax them the smoker can cover the cost they dont moan and who else would we tax to pay for it.
Doesnt matter that rapes, assault, murders are caused by booze fueled lovely people who we camt tax eh? The smoker will cover the cost of broken home, beaten wives and children by booze fuelled idiots. Smoking is never the reason for this but they dont moan so let them pay for the carnage. And it isnt addictive eh, no lets not talk about the drunks who cant control their habit, end up living on the streets who cares smokers can cover it.
Bloody hypocrites all. The pollies protect them for fear of their jobs and the boozers are hypocrites cos they dont wanna pay for their killer drug.
And I wonder why I loathe the world I live in I am a filthy smoker used and abused to save the hypocrites from the taxman.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Maori Vote

Told you my first husband beat me after coming back from the pub, well he was a maori. To marry him I had to become a Ratana. I am pakeha. I never changed my religious status although I am an atheist.
But they tell us if you feel maori you are, so tena kotou katou.
The 3 Black Power members who raped me were maori and pissed and stoned.
Now maori love their booze their fags of both variety. Tobacco and maoripyjamas. They love there boil ups their hangi's their fast food, need I go on.
I can hear them now as I write this, she's a racist, well I cant be I feel maori.
There are in any race the good and the bad. The point I am trying to make here is in a lot of cases maori smokers who die also are drinker drug takers and obese, but when they
die it is smoking that killed them some of them that die have also die at a ripe old age but hey it cant be just old age eh, or their eating habits eh, or too much alocohol eh.
The maori party, are nowing sucking up to the very same hypocrites they are supposed to be railling against.
Oh and tobacco was given to the world by American Indians, hell who knows maybe they are laughing too, they are killing off the very people who nearly wiped them out
Kia Ora

Friday, April 30, 2010


I have three grown children capable of making their own choices in life, only one of them smoke. He is hard working, pays his taxes, but like me is absolutely sick of the control freaks of the western world.
He has worked in Australia for the last 15 years to get away from the control freaks here in new Zealand but the Aussie nanny state is just as bad. So he has studied hard to become an English teacher and is now moving to Russia to teach it.
Mum, he said the west is now more commie than the commies ever were. I can go there and smoke where-ever I please. Good on ya son, but why should I leave the country of my birth so that I can once again be in control of my own choices. He is right, Hitler won the war, he would be rolling around in his grave laughing his goddam head off.

So you think you are free in the western world? HA! Think again.

The west is now the most controlling governments of the world.

You cant offend anyone. What happened to freedom of speech..
You cant call a golliwog a golliwog. They are even burning books so to speak .You can't read Noddy to your kids folks cos Noddy and Big Ears are gay, but hang on you can offend gays anymore. Oh and gays now are some off the worst anti-smokers. Don't they remember how they where pushed into the closet? Yet they are perfectly capable of pushing smokers into it.
And I am not homophobic I have a gay son who I love very much.
You think you own your property. Barhumbug, council can come onto your property at anytime with there nanny state edicts, even tear it down if to them it is unsafe. God how I hate the word SAFE.
It is what the use to control you. Me, I am now a depressed, agorophobic, social phobic. I absolutely detest, mistrust and find people so hypocritical I cannot leave my house. I have anxiety attacks and my brain has decided I am right when I do on the odd occasion venture out it screams at me to go home if I dont it causes me excessive pain to the point that I think my next step will be my last.
And this folks is not because of smoking it is because of the damage done to me by alcohol.
I was abandoned twice by my mother, once by putting me in a orpanage and by putting me in a catholic home for wayward girls.
I have been gang raped by men off their faces with booze. My first husband beat me senseless when he come home from the pub every night. But National and Labour dont think that matter, dont over tax booze we may get voted out because the majority do it.. Tax the smoker again they dont fight back. let the smokers pay for hospital A+E that fill up nearly ever night with drunken idiots who brawl, binge drink drive their cars and kill themselves or the innocent.
Thats ok eh? Let the smoker pay for the thousands of women and children who finally leave their abusive husbands. Let the smokers pay for the drunks who come home and beat their children. Its ok Eh. Let the smokers pay for the carnage on the road caused by drunk driver Thats ok eh. You bloody hypocrites .
I could go on and on and probably will I am not a wowzzer I use to bing drink too in my youth Mr Key, and the drinking age then was 21 you hypocrite.
Smokers who read this, if you dont vote Act next election you deserve everything you get.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Smokers Vote ACT!!!

Thats all I need to say about the matter. If 700,000 smokers vote ACT next election the other hypocritical parties will get the message. And they are hypocrites what they are saying is the alcohol kills nobody, causes no deaths. Its not that that worries them really. If they put taxes up on booze they would fear the next election because the majority have a tipple of some sort.

Hey Winston heres your chance to get back in too.
I gave up alcohol because over my life it caused the most probems . A husband who beat me regularily after returning from the pub. And I was gang raped by drunks when I was 35.

I have smoked since I was 9 I am now 62 and will go to my grave with two rude fingers in the air and a smoke in my hand. So sod of holyrollers.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Smokers! Whose business is it anyway?

"Whose business is it who smokes in bars?" asks Joy Faulkner, Libertarianz Spokesman to deregulate tobacco. "I'll tell you," she says, "it's the business of the person who owns the business - the bar-owner. If others wish to patronise that bar - or not - based on that bar-owner's decision, then that is their business; they are free to choose.
"It is definitely not the business of Annette King, Sue Kedgley, Trish Fraser or Margaret Wilson who smokes where," declares Faulkner, who is also coordinator of international group, Smokers of the World Unite. "These bossy-boots busybody bitc
Smokers - Whose business is it?
Libertarianz: More Freedom - Less Government

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Sky Is Falling,The Sky Is Falling.

The world is full of Chicken Lickens, and I am not talking about KFC. I am an agorophobic and I often wonder why there are'nt more folk like me. I am aware though that this disorder is growing. And with all the fear mongering in the world I can understand it.

Chicken Licken for those that don't know ran about yelling the sky is falling, bit like the boy crying wolf.

Now please I am not a complete idiot, we live in a vast universe on a planet called earth. Like the universe, like the earth, like humanity it is all evolving. It has taken billions of years and many changes, climatic and volcanic.

During those years the earth has wobbled on its axis it rotates closer and further away from other stars in the galaxy and planets in the solar system, it is a natural progression of the planet. These chicken lichens in the world including the anti smoking doomsayers drive their opinions with fear and guilt.

Who is aware of the one most important elements in the atmosphere???? It is carbon we live and breathe it. These nay and doomsayers believe humanity drives the planet. Well bullpucky I say. We humans are but a grain of sand on the beach , a gnat on the bum of a camel.

These doomsayers could do as much damage as us so called polluters. How much of this carbon should be removed from our atmosphere? Nature and the universe the wobbling on earths axis are climate change are a natural phenonom. Speak to geologists, they see the different climate changes in rock, by drilling ice cores from perma frost. Any changes found and the further back these samples go, climate change is evident, with or without humanity.

Should we now imagine that dinosaurs pooped themselves into extinction, ate their way through the earth vegetaion enuf methane and defolage to cause climate change.

Well agorophobic or not I am sure we will go through climate change it is nature and the universe at work, nothing these kneetremblers say or do will stop that.

Get a grip folk, shit happens and the planet will be here and changing for a few more million year we waste huge amount of money on these kneetremblers, anti,smokers, greenies and doomsayers.

Lets get back to being the humanity we once were and filter this money into our pioneering spirit so we can explore the universe and find other planets to populate.

Oh silly me the kneetremblers would say it is impossible and terribly unsafe. Grrrrrrr

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Here's a Load of Bollocks For ya

My son has an honours degree in Medisinal Chemistry and his response to the following article was...."What a load of bollocks."

WEll I agree son , most of these studies are a load of bollocks. If you believe the following article you have no brains cells.

Damage from passive smoking can be found in the blood vessels of children just 10 years old.
Parents who smoke in the home can cause their child's arteries to show signs of clogging and hardening, dramatically raising their overall life-time risk of heart attack.
A German study which took in almost 400 10-year-olds found those with smoking parents could also have emerging signs of atherosclerosis.

Earlier research has shown a link between second-hand smoke and the condition in adults.
"To show that in healthy 10-year-old kids they've got these increased markers of what we normally associate with a really bad risk of heart attack is alarming," Australian atherosclerosis expert Professor David Celermajer said in reaction to the study.

"This is from being exposed to passive smoke from their parents all their lives.
"These children are not about to drop dead when they're 11 or 12 but it indicates they're a three or four-fold higher risk of heart attack in their 40s or 50s."

Prof Celermajer, of Sydney University and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, says an Australian study conducted in 1996 also found evidence of blood vessel damage in 15-year-olds who were exposed to passive smoke in the home.

He says while research suggested these ill effects could be reversed within two years if the child lived in a smoke-free house, for many the ramifications of parental smoking were life-long.
"I see a lot of people with heart attacks in their 40s and 50s, who have no risk factors at all except having exposure to passive smoke in childhood," Prof Celermajer says.

"So it starts a process that becomes accelerated in that person ... (smoking) casts a long shadow."
A coalition of health and child welfare organisations says the study showed why government needed to speed up smoke-free reforms.

"This is more evidence pointing to the need for all public areas frequented by children including dining areas, playgrounds, public pools, beaches and sports fields, to be made smoke-free by law," says Protecting Children from Tobacco spokesman Stafford Sanders.
"... and for any governments that have not yet made cars carrying children smoke-free to do so quickly."
The study "Environmental tobacco smoke and cardiometabolic risk in young children" is published in the European Heart Journal.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We Are NOT unpersons. We are NOT Vermin.

As most of the folks on these lists know, I've not only done no Obama bashing, but I've jumped on people who have. In these groups we are not Democrat or Republican or even Libertarian.

We are a big mix of people all of whom (except for the lurking Antis) have one thing in common: we feel smokers are being treated unfairly and unjustly and we feel that this has been done on the basis of lies created and promulgated by activist Antismokers and by those who live off the hundreds of millions of dollars in antismoking grant money from the MSA funding and from the NicoGummyPatchyPeople pushing their nicotine therapy products. Aside from our disagreement with Obama's SCHIP tax, the rest of his politics is something we should keep out of these groups if we want people to continue working together, and in particular we should make clear that we do not in any way support the not-so-thinly-veiled racism that we see so much of on the internet in the attacks on his policies.

But today Obama went over the edge. He not only broke a campaign promise, but he lied, lied absolutely without question, on national TV. And the lie he told, if we lie back and accept it without screaming long and loud, relegates us officially to the status of unpersons, of vermin not worth even a thought because we officially simply do not exist as citizens of America.

Below are two postings. I made the first one on several boards early this morning. I am now putting up variations of the second one. If you see a board somewhere discussing his Today show appearance and/or his health care plan, feel free to borrow from or outright paste from the below to get our message out.

We are NOT unpersons. We are NOT vermin. We are Americans and we will NOT tolerate being erased.

- Michael J. McFadden


This morning's post:

Depending on Bloggers???
If President Obama is depending on bloggers for support I think he may have a problem. We're not nearly as forgiving as Meredith Vieira on the Today show. Think about this:
which is worse? #1 below or #2 below?
1) President Obama said, "The only tax change I've made in the 6 months I've been here is to cut people's taxes."
He said that - despite the clear and recorded fact that he raised cigarette pack taxes by 150% and raised the tax on one of the poorest well-defined minority groups in the country, smokers so poor they roll their own from shreds of tobacco and scraps of paper by OVER TWO THOUSAND PERCENT (from $1/lb to $24/lb). Note: this minority group averages well under $25,000 a year in income... not over $250,000 per year.
2) That Meredith Vieira simply let him get away with such a blatantly false statement without even a hint of a challenge?
Bloggers won't let him get off so easily.
Michael J. McFadden
Author of "Dissecting Antismokers' Brains"
This afternoon's post:
I have to admit, I am truly, completely, totally mystified.

Breaking campaign promises is one thing. Even when they are broken blatantly and without apologies.

Lying is something else entirely.

President Obama clearly, without ANY doubt or quibbling whatsoever, blatantly lied to the cameras this morning on the Today show and NO ONE seems to be raising the issue.

Obama said, and I quote exactly as you can see in the original clip:

"The only tax change I've made in the 6 months I've been here is to cut people's taxes."

He said that - despite the clear and recorded fact that he raised cigarette pack taxes by 150% and raised the tax on one of the poorest well-defined minority groups in the country, smokers so poor they roll their own from shreds of tobacco and scraps of paper by OVER TWO THOUSAND PERCENT (from $1/lb to $24/lb). Note: this minority group averages well under $25,000 a year in income... not over $250,000 per year.

He said that, and Meredith didn't even wince, much less even TRY to pretend to be a journalist and ask him about it.

And in all the previous postings on this board today, no one else seems to give it any importance either.

He **LIED** - no waffling, no minor prevarication, no slight mis-slip-of-the-tongue, he LIED just as blatantly as if Bush had said "We've set up no holding facilities for terrorists offshore." and no one seems to be calling him on it.

Can anyone offer an explanation for this???

Michael J. McFaddenAuthor of "Dissecting Antismokers' Brains"


Michael J. McFaddenAuthor of Dissecting Antismokers' BrainsMid-Atlantic Director, Citizens Freedom Alliance, Inc.Director, Pennsylvania Smokers' Action Network (PASAN)

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Drunken Crocodile

Gian TurciArticle Published: 2009/05/25

Everyone who knows me also knows that I abhor alcohol. I never touched it in my life and probably never will – unless it’s to celebrate the defeat of the Therapeutic State.

The smell of alcohol turns my stomach (literally), and drunken people drive me nuts. Sometimes I even feel a surge of anger when I see a person’s speech and brain become progressively sluggish, embalmed in the stupor of self-induced idiocy.
Those are my emotions – but that is not a moral judgement, it is not a condemnation – and, especially, it is not a call for prohibition, control, regulation, and brainwashing of children and adults. That is because, fortunately, I have principles, thus I am not an “anti.” Indeed, I fight the “antis” with all I have.I submit here that society is getting progressively drunker on contemporary environmentalism and healthism.
The new fanaticism vomits panic, prohibition, regulation, control, surveillance, bureaucracy, state agencies, an idiotic perception of safety, and so on. It stinks with cheap moralism and arrogant contempt for dissent. Junk science and false information aimed at inducing “safe,” “healthy,” and “politically correct” behaviour belch at us noisomely.This drunken system sees dangers and risks everywhere. The real problem, the toxic system itself, cannot recognize the very real danger it represents, boggled as it is with multiplied visions of its paranoid fears. Stupefied bureaucracy and politics are so much under the influence of healthism that they can’t even count to ten, thus the only number they understand is zero. Zero risk. Zero tolerance. Zero smoking.
Zero emissions. Zero drinking. Zero accidents. Zero obesity.For that awful drunkenness I have infinite contempt. I call urgently for its suppression, and yes, that is a moral judgement. In this particular regard, surely and confidently, I advocate every strategy of war. Evil deserves to be strangled. It must be stopped. There is only one circumstance under which I am an anti, which is, when it comes to suppressing and annihilating the anti mentality. For it I have zero tolerance. Why? Because, for those intoxicated people, everything that makes life worthwhile can be happily sacrificed to suffocate and control their targets.
Liberty, economy, free markets, integrity, personal responsibility, politics, logic, truth, justice, employment and fairness are to them like the mindlessly motivated planetary gears in a differential: they have to change constantly to accommodate the drive. In other words, all those social conquests – some earned with blood – can all be redefined to accommodate the healthist crusades. The costs become irrelevant next to the projected and theoretical benefits of their ideology, implemented with “pretzel-logic” economics.Look at this website, for example [stored link]. It represents a gang of non-governmental organizations that are preparing for the suppression of alcohol through regulation.
Everyone reading here should be familiar with the pattern: it is that of the war against tobacco. The alcohol industry is depicted as the bad, sleazy guys eager to make money by killing people. The customers of the industry are its victims. The infectious agent sent out by the corrupting industry is advertisement. It follows that alcohol advertisement on the Internet (and everywhere else) must be suppressed – just as happened with tobacco.
The youth card is, of course, abundantly played. Please name a bigot (or a tyrant) who has not screamed “the children!” …Thank you, I knew you couldn’t think of one.

Finally, the junk science epidemiological stunner cannot be missing: did you know that drinking “causes” HIV?...Remarkably, the will of the “victim” is never, ever in the equation: the consumer has no resolve to refuse/ignore advertisement or to control his own behaviour. His judgement is impaired by his “addiction.” If he weren’t addicted, he would unquestionably agree with state control. Thus he is a totally passive recipient of “evil.” Such a brainless piece of meat needs protection. He may protest now, but he will love us later, when he has accepted Big Brother. The omniscient zealots are ordained (by themselves) to protect him and his children against himself (and the evil industry of the moment), whether he likes it or not.
Necessarily there is only one way to protect the victim from himself and the evil industries: forbid/control advertisement and knock out the fundamental right to information and choice. There are many efforts to control the Internet already [stored link], and many fights against that [stored link].
Tyranny rests on information control and the last venue of tyranny today is public health. Healthism has mounted an epic power grab. It must control the industries to control the people. This is nothing new. The control of private industry by the state through a “social pact” is at the very core of the Mussolinian Fascist economic doctrine.
To achieve a Fascist agenda, it is first of all necessary to redefine rights, and shift them to those of people like me, the teetotaller. That is done by using the nihilistic “right of not.” In the Italy of Mussolini, the “right of not” vastly prevailed over the “right to do,” since this convention allowed the state to interfere infinitely in the lives of its citizens, and thus control them, through “tough laws.”The passion for “tough laws” is quite visible today.
It is a terminology abundantly abused by governments and media. A “tough,” oppressive law was supposed to signal the political will of the Fascist oppressor to be “damn serious,” to “intervene,” with total disdain for citizens’ will and behaviour, and thorough contempt for all the precious values that the state disapproved of.
Today we see an abundance of “rights of not” – i.e., my “right” of NOT being exposed to the behaviour and smelly breath of the drunk, the “right” of NOT inhaling someone else’s smoke, the “right” of children of NOT having smoking or fat parents as role models, and so on.The oppressor feeds on hate and relies on a popular appetite for the same meal. He knows he must make this palatable for the masses. As even a tyrant needs to project a semblance of justification, a farcical performance of credibility is the inevitable side dish, offsetting the main course of vicious victimization.
Hence today’s mass-production of epidemiological junk studies lavishly paid with public funds to the complacent university near you, or "polls" paid by public health institutions that show "overwhelming" popular support for smoking bans. The obvious conflict of interest is to be totally overlooked in times of state propaganda.
Fools who have swallowed this will swallow anything, and the potential for violence of an incited mob, is limitless. Click here [stored link] and here [stored link] for just two examples.Continuous reference to authority and heavy paternalism is another essential element of Fascism. Does that sound familiar to my British friends? The “undisciplined” Italians have experienced that – and that ‘s why they have the reputation of being undisciplined in the first place, although the new generations are forgetful. Most nations never experienced Fascism directly and, for that reason, now tend to fall for the same cheap bedazzling lures: safety (playing on panic), health (an illusion of immortality), and protection (the disguise of subjection).
Now as before, liberty becomes a devalued commodity. Then as today, the trap was “liberty from” rather then “liberty to.”In combating the Fascist mentality, appeasement does not work, arguing is futile, logic does not apply. Civilized, tolerant behaviour is perceived by Fascists as a comical sign of weakness. The “antis” cannot be reasoned with or bargained with. When they concede something it is just to buy time to repress it better later.
Chamberlain did not understand that, but Churchill did, and said, “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last.” Sir Winston understood Fascism as well as he would understand the “antis” today.
Baby crocodiles may be cute and cuddly, and they may even be gentle and lovely. Kill them while you can, or you will become their next meal.Alcohol industry be warned. Defend yourself, or repeat the mistakes of the tobacco industry, and thereby meet your end.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Are You Afraid Yet???

The food nazis are going to medicate your bread with folic acid. Good eh?? Well for me it is because I can now say I warned you years ago when I had my activist group Smokers of the world Unite and in a previous message .
Since the anti-smoking hysteria came in these nazis have insisted on additives in ciggies which can be a risk to the smokers health.
Folic acid in your bread and you cant say no, it may cause prostate cancer in men but never mind it may save 4 kids from spine abifita.

It is how the anti smoking stormtroops work but you dont listen, the majority must suffer for the safety of the few.

So what next you may I said there will be a knock on your door one day and an employee of nanny state will insist on checking your house for bacteria.

Well I would rather keep smoking with 2 rude fingers in the air than allow this nanny state to live my live, medicate my food and monitor my risk taking.

The majority of the world population get all they deserver because they allow this to happen.
Get off you arse and start screaming before your life is not your own.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The World Is Full Of Hypocrites!!!

There are 2 legal drugs in this world Alcohol and Tobacco. Both of these have health related risks. One also cause many car fatalities, broken marriages, child abuse both physical and mental. Both cause addiction. But one also cause violence in the community, can be the reason for rapes and murder.

One of these legal drugs would only cost $3.60 a pack but for the huge tax take which makes it approximately $13 a pack thats 75% geez and Aussie are saying they are going to put it up to $20 a pack.

Smokers you are not worth fighting for.

I have gotten my crystal ball out although this is already happening in a small way.
An American CARTON of cigs still only costs $12US. Work it out with a pencil folk, the criminal element will be applauding this and are already selling stolen or imported cigs from ships yachts etc and making a killing on them.
Buy a carton of cigs from overseas and sell them pack by pack for the price of the whole carton...WOOT!!
Alcohol, say a carton of beer you can by at a supermarket for $12 bucks it is not taxed at 75% like ciggies. and yet it causes more problems in our courts and families and communities than cigarettes.

There is something wrong here, but its all about money folk and power folk, these puritanical bastards could care less where I die of smoking. But smokers are now about 20% of the population, nearly 75% of the population imbibe a little or a lot of alcohol.

If the powers that be attack alcohol they would lose their power, smokers barhumbug , you have to have someone to hate, you cant hate jews, you cant hate gays, you cant be racist but you can bash a smoker over and over again you can eventaully turn them into a criminal because they have to go to the crims for their smokes, or push them into the closet, that other minorities have struggled out of and thats fine.
I am an old lady I have smoked since I was 9 I have become an agorophobic and a social phobic and am on an invalids benefit. A smoke is my only enjoyment in life. I am this way because I was raped by a drunken gang. I was beaten by a drunken husband, I was seperated from my father and 3 sibling, then abused by a boarder my mother had.
But I am a dirty filthy smoker and I deserve all I got and alcohol is not my prefered legal drug, being on a benefit I will soon have to go look for a crim who will sell me my legal drug cheaper than I can get from the legalized drug pushers.
It all really beats me. This page no longer is here to speak for other smoker it is here for me alone to scream into :-(

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Enuf Already With Social Engineering!!

Gummints worldwide spend trillions and trillions of taxpayers money on social engineering.
Enuf pls was this really what goverment where elected for? To live our lives. To control our risks in life?
If we had put a stop to all this crapola decades ago and spent the money on the human instinct to pioneer to go where no man has gone before, warp drive may have been invented by now. The moon may well have already be populated with space stations and we could be populating nw found planets.

Hell sorry what am I talking about, waffling into my webpage again. Its just not safe is it?
We have built a space bubble around each and every person on earth at huge cost.
I offer myself up to be the first pioneer on another plant cos I am dead sick of this one.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Can You Get Lung Cancer From A Toilet Seat?

Robert PraskerArticle Published: 2009/04/15

Tolerance for some, vilification for others, is the policy of "public health authorities."
"You do not get HIV from:* Being bitten by mosquitoes or other bugs* Being bitten by an animal* Eating food handled, prepared, or served by somebody with HIV infection* Sharing toilets, telephones, or clothes* Sharing forks, spoons, knives, or drinking glasses* Touching, hugging, or kissing a person with HIV infection* Attending school, church, shopping malls, or other public places with HIV-infected people."- Surgeon General Antonia Novello, 1992 Surgeon General's Report on AIDS"At the beginning of the AIDS epidemic many Americans had little sympathy for people with AIDS. The feeling was that somehow people from certain groups “deserved” their illness.
Let us put those feelings behind us. We are fighting a disease, not people. Those who are already affected are sick people and need our care as do all sick patients. The country must face this epidemic as a unified society. We must prevent the spread of AIDS while at the same time preserving our humanity and intimacy."-C. Everett Koop, 1986, the first Surgeon General's Report on AIDS"
ASH recently forced a major university to stop an employee, who took smoke breaks outside his smoke free office, from working in the same office with a women whose health -- and the health of her unborn child -- were threatened by his thirdhand smoke, according to testimony from two of her avoid being barred, smokers likely have to change clothing, shower and shampoo, and use mouthwash."-John Banzhaf, Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) press release, March 25, 2009It's evident from the quotations above that our attitudes regarding risk and health have gone askew. In 1986 we knew the Surgeon General himself placed a priority on "our humanity and our intimacy". Today, we all know that we can't get AIDS from kissing a person with AIDS, and that we can't get AIDS from sharing a toilet seat. A Surgeon General’s Report endorsed these facts and ideas in 1992. The public remembers, and generally continues to endorse them.Somehow though, ASH would like for us to believe that one needs to change clothing, use mouthwash and do laundry if they go outside for a smoke. This is to protect others from the residual particulate matter on smoker's clothing; a contrivance called "third hand smoke". Meanwhile, while the notion of "third hand smoke" has entered the vernacular, a search of the Surgeon General's website and the Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) website regarding "third hand smoke" comes up empty at this writing. (Please feel free to search yourself at the in-text links provided.) This absence of information is troubling given the willingness of health practitioners and policy makers to invoke "third hand smoke" as a justification for instituting healthcare and workplace policies.
Clearly, these policies haven't been adopted in any way by public health. Rather, ASH, an organization that thinks smokers should be arrested for homicide, is lobbying for these policies to be enacted."Third hand smoke" is really a misnomer; the residual smell left on clothing from burnt tobacco is only arguably "third hand" and it most certainly is not "smoke". In fact, “third hand smoke” is a catch-phrase, coined to promote a health scare, designed to destroy “humanity and intimacy.” There has been no epidemiological study to demonstrate that being exposed to residual tobacco smells represents any kind of risk to anyone. Anti-tobacco zealots simply want to instill that belief. They want to make smokers feared and hated. That has been their goal for decades. “Third hand smoke” is the latest tactic in the long-escalating war against smokers.Science and truth have never gotten in the way of the anti-smoking agenda, and ASH hardly conceals their contempt for tobacco users with comments like: ""We've always known that a smoker's breath stinks. Now we know that it also creates indoor air pollution which can harm children and perhaps some adults." One might think that such statements would subject the motives of ASH to a greater level of professional scrutiny. To the contrary, it's obvious that health institutions now act according to the guidance of ASH and other anti-smoking groups. Also, the lack of epidemiological evidence and government guidance hasn't stopped the media or politicians from leaping into action to protect children from a non-existent menace. This alarmist approach to matters of public health has become commonplace, especially when it comes to tobacco. One would hope that government health authorities would step in to set the record straight, or that they'd issue guidance advising health practitioners to regard the claims of special interest groups like ASH with skepticism, at least until credible evidence can be produced. To the contrary, it appears that anti-smoking interests lead government health authorities by the nose. It also appears that the Surgeon General and CDC remain complicitly silent until they feel confident that the anti-smoking interests have been successful in pitching their scare du jour to the public. Former Surgeon General Richard Carmona has already declared that there "is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke". Once the coast is clear, the Surgeon General and the CDC are likely to make similar claims regarding "third hand smoke".Not so long ago, public health took an entirely different approach. When the AIDS outbreak came along in the nineteen eighties, gay men, in particular, were falling prey to a mysterious killer virus that laid waste to the immune system itself. There was no effective treatment and no known cure. The devastating nature of the disease immediately attracted the attention of the sensationalist media. In no time at all, fear, speculation and misinformation spread across the country. Far right religious groups immediately fanned the flames of hysteria by claiming the AIDS virus was a biblical plague with a moral agenda. The infectious nature of the disease seemed to confirm the suspicions of anyone who was ill-at-ease with homosexuality. Last, the prevalence of the disease amongst gay men seemed to be the excuse that every homophobe had been waiting for to justify and exalt their hatred for gays.In 1982, 466* people had died of AIDS with hardly an eye blink from public health, and scientists proposed calling the new disease "Gay Related Immune Deficiency". 1 AIDS deaths more than tripled in 1983, and a June, 1983 Gallup poll revealed that 25% of the population felt that they could contract AIDS via "casual contact with an AIDS sufferer". 2 The CDC hadn't even appointed a group to investigate AIDS until the end of 1983, and when the group reported back in April of 1984, $20 million of additional federal funds had to be requested because 70 percent of those working on AIDS at the CDC had been diverted from other work areas. 3 In 1984, evangelist Jerry Falwell said in a televised interview that he didn't "hate homosexuals", just their "perverted life-style" and "sub-animal behavior". 4
Surgeon General C. Everett Koop did not release a report on AIDS until 1986. Approximately 10,000 people had died from AIDS in that year, and nearly 25,000 people** had died since 1981.Only after Koop's 1986 report did the Surgeon General's office finally respond by providing credible information to the public regarding AIDS. The public was beginning to learn that AIDS is not transmitted by sharing a toilet seat or shaking hands. The reports from public health, if dismally overdue, were necessarily appropriate. They tamped down the flagrantly expressed hatred of homosexuals which early news about AIDS had inspired. The public health message was conceived to that end. An ill-conceived public health stance would have meant social ostracism for homosexuals.That didn't happen. Rather, tolerance was called upon to deal with the crisis. Efforts were made to disabuse the public of misconceptions they had regarding both AIDS and homosexuality. Heterosexuals, of course, were not immune from AIDS, and this fact became very clear when basketball legend Earvin "Magic" Johnson announced he was carrying the HIV virus in 1991.
Questions immediately arose as to whether Johnson should be allowed to continue playing basketball. Johnson did so, and no one contracted AIDS from playing with him. It seems clear that social attitudes of the time regarding homosexuality are what allowed much of the health community to delay while tens of thousands died. Once the media caught hold of the prevalence and nature of AIDS, it was largely up to gay rights groups and the very same media to set the record straight while public health scrambled.The health issue of AIDS and the health issue of tobacco are entirely separate things. It is not my intent or purpose to imply that completely disparate health issues should be held to the same informative criteria. However, there are over 60 million tobacco users in the U.S., and tobacco is a legal product. The U.S. Constitution guarantees all equal protection under the law via the Fourteenth Amendment. Therefore, tobacco users are entitled to government treatment that is as ethical, responsible, and professional as that received by anyone else. Also, informational campaigns regarding tobacco use must treat the perfectly legal behavior with the very same tolerance it affords to any other group whose legal behavior leads to public health's epidemiological scrutiny.
As John Adams said, "We are a government of laws, not of men". Engaging in any kind of private sexual behavior should, of course, be legal under Federal law. Tobacco use, also, is and should be legal under Federal Law.
Any changes in Federal Law going forward are Ex Post Facto, and cannot be held to account regarding the unjust treatment that the Federal Government has already allowed and endorsed regarding tobacco use by allowing Federal public health policy to be influenced by entities that hold tobacco users in contempt. The legality of particular behavior, first and foremost, should afford anyone engaging in any such legal behavior the very same tolerance and protection as any other group, and any further distinctions are irrelevant if they are not matters of law. Under the law, the disparate legal behaviors of citizens should not be subjected to prejudicial scrutiny or preferential protection. To believe otherwise is to remove the blindfold from Lady Justice.HIV is mono-factorial: one must somehow contract the AIDS virus to be diagnosed with AIDS or test positive for HIV. Any cancer including lung cancer, as well as heart disease and other "smoking-related" illnesses are multi-factorial.
Non-smokers, and even non-smokers who haven't reported any significant exposure to any perceived risk factors, sometimes get lung cancer. Since 10 to 15% of lung cancers occur in non-smokers each year in the U.S.A., even public health's statistical voodoo attributing around 3,000 annual non-smoking lung cancer deaths to secondhand smoke fails to account for thousands of people who never touched tobacco in their lives. Meanwhile, the anti-smoking campaign adopted by both anti-smoking interests and public health have swept tens of thousands up in the social stigma they've created in making tobacco use a synonym for lung cancer. Once upon a time, public health worked hard to ensure that there would be no social stigma regarding mono-factorial AIDS, and it didn't matter if you contracted AIDS due to using illegal IV drugs or engaging in multiple sexual liaisons without protection, or if you contracted AIDS via a blood transfusion. AIDS required tolerance, and it wasn't just tolerance regarding homosexuals, it was tolerance regarding the disease of AIDS because human beings all deserve respect.How different would our attitudes about both homosexuals and AIDS be today if Jerry Falwell and his ilk had been given charge of the health agenda regarding AIDS? I doubt that anyone would find comfort in the knowledge that Falwell didn't "hate homosexuals" but thought their behavior to be "perverted" and "sub-animal".One could argue that homosexuality is not a choice– the issue of “nature and nurture” – while smoking is. Granted, but this argument completely misses the point. Illegal drug use, for example, is a choice.
Who amongst us would want someone like Jerry Falwell calling the shots regarding how our current society treats marijuana users? What if a personality like Falwell went about the country influencing the medical and rehabilitative treatment of IV drug users? Would we consider that a responsible and ethical approach to public health?The delusion that those sympathetic to the cause of anti-tobacco seem to operate under is that ethical, knowledgeable, professional public health experts are particularly concerned about tobacco use and, because of that concern, they are approaching the issue with an ever vigilant watchfulness dedicated to consequence, objectivity and reason.
To the contrary, dogmatic zealots are manning the helm when it comes to the public information and perceptions regarding tobacco use. Homosexuality does not "cause" AIDS. Similarly, neither smoking nor exposure to tobacco smoke "causes" lung cancer. In the same way that religious beliefs regarding homosexuality and AIDS can be morally obtuse, so can equally dogmatic, secular notions regarding tobacco use. Jerry Falwell had firmly placed himself within our culture as being anti-gay long before AIDS came around.
Similarly, lawyer John Banzhaf had ensconced himself in the anti-smoking movement decades before anyone had ever dreamed of the notion that secondhand smoke, nevermind "third hand smoke", causes disease. "Third hand smoke" is yet another attempt by Banzhaf and his ilk to see how effective their outrageous claims will be at convincing an alarmingly uninformed and credulous public to persecute people who use tobacco. So, can you get lung cancer from a toilet seat? No. But public health is perfectly willing to abide when equally ridiculous claims are made by anti-smoking groups like ASH. Not only do public health officials fail to put an end to this nonsense, it appears that they are taking a wait-and-see approach to see if anti-tobacco groups will be successful in spreading irrational fears. If the anti-tobacco groups are successful, then public health will emerge from the shadows with a blessing and endorsement for the lies spread by the anti-tobacco evangelists.
Public health doesn't care if you lose your job, lose your spouse, lose your children, or lose your friends. They'll ruin your life before they'll let you have a perfectly legal cigarette. Allowing groups like ASH to run the public health agenda of our country is quite like empowering Jerry Falwell to pave the way regarding national AIDS policy. If that had occurred, your television and radio would tell you to be afraid to embrace or work with people who are gay, and reluctant to share bathrooms with them.
It appears that this is pretty much where public health policy is going regarding tobacco use, and probably obesity as well. Public health seems to have lost sight of the fact that we are all human beings, and we all deserve to be treated with dignity, tolerance, respect and equal treatment under the law. At the very least, even a public health policy that discourages smoking should draw the line at allowing anti-smoking evangelists to spread fear and lies regarding tobacco and its users. Public health needs to be cleansed of the influence of zealous special interests and financially motivated pharmaceutical makers. Permitting the spread of more hatred, lies and irrationality will keep us on the destructive path which public health has followed for decades.

Whatever happened to public health’s concern regarding "our humanity and our intimacy"? Public health's current approach to tobacco policy is not only wrong, it's outrageous, and it should be decried by all, whether they use tobacco or not.____

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hypocrites All!!

If you climb a mountain and fall to your death. The gummit sends out rescue teams, to help in the search at the cost of the tax payer. The climber is made out to be some sort of hero. Hello, climbing mountains is a lifestyle choice and the risks are know to the climber, but we are meant to wail and weep for this person.

You get on a plane, it crashes on take off ,all dead. Sad I know, but you got on that plane knowing the risk, you were prepared to take it. But the airlines are forced to pay huge payments to greiving families. Why? You know the risks. I could go on for ever here. No pls I hear you scream lol.

75% of the cost of a packet of ciggies is tax folk and yet we are told or threatened with the fact if you get really sick we dont deserve to be treated like a non-smoker.

When I was diagnosed finally after many cat scans with depression, agorophobia and social phobia I was told my lungs, my heart were in great condition for a 61yr old?? If I died right now they would blame it on smoking?? EH??
I have been smoking since I was 9 this makes 50 yrs of my preferred lifestyle choice.
I am told every cig is killing me. Well hell I am glad I didnt choose tobacco to commit suicide with:-).
It is my risk, I know the risks even back when I was 9 they were called cancer sticks or coffin nails. But folk its my bloody choice but now I am a leper in society. Its a damned legal product for god sake, it opposition legal product is alcohol, it kills maims has related diseases, that kill cost the taxe payer millions. But hey everyone drinks so they stay very mum about it problems on an individual by individual basis.

Get a grip, give the smoker some slack folk. I often wonder as I sit here in my own solitary confinement , why with all the fear and guilt tactics used by the health stormtroopers and the anti=smokers, that there aint more ppl like me.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Anti, Anti-Smokers Prayer

As I lay me down to sleep, I pray thee Lord that you will keep, The Nico-Nazis wide awake, From noises that their halos make.
I am a smoker Lord you see, An outcast from society, But I don't tell those pious parrots, To cut out fats and eat their carrots!

Oh Lord the virtuous vultures pick, And call my smoke a "Cancer-Stick", Yet I don't look at their Big-Mac, And say "enjoy your Heart-Attack"!
Why does every sanctimonious soul, Preach to me about self-control, Well if they're perfect I'll stand alone, And dare the sin-less to cast the first stone!

I am aware that one day I'll die, I guess You know how when where and why, So if its from smoking my tombstone can say, From ashes to ashes, she loved life her way!

Tina White


Monday, June 22, 2009

So How Do They Control? Fear and Quilt.

Are you safe, god I hate that word now. The health Stormtroopers,are wollowing about in your life because you let them.

We wrap our kids in cotton wool, do you let you child climb trees, ride a bike without a crash helmet. Do you worry continually about what you are putting in their lunch box. When you go to a pack and someone lights a cigarette do you move???

We are a world driven by fear and guilt the words "not save" overpowering. Pls folk can you get agrip life is full of risk.
I am now an agorophobic, social phobic. I cannot leave the house. beleive me I want to but the poor depressed brain has taken over. If I leave the house the brain takes over it informs my body to get back home , it does that by causing excruciating pain. The longer I stay out the more the fear produces symptoms, hyperventilation, sweats and I believe I will die with the next step.

I blame the gummint myself.:-)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Have A Chimney On My Head

I have a pack of ciggies in front of me ......oh dear you stupid, dumb, brainless, old fart. Yeap thats me. On this particular pack there is a pic of a limp cigaerette. It has the usual vague, threat of impotence becide it which states: Smoking may make you impotent. Omg, shock horror probe, no pun intended. This is how the antis suck the brainless and those who believe everything they are told or read as gospel. They also always use the word may. I really aint that stupid of course in the odd case it may cause impotents. But dont quote that bit pls.

I will use 40 year of anti-smoking reteric to plead my case that the cases of impotenece would be no more than the same disease from alcohol. Remeber they used the same tactics to allow prohibition of alcohol many years ago. But I digress.

My uneducated stats show me, and btw damned stats can tell you anything you want. Go back the 40 years we smokers have been driven by fear and guilt and back to impotence. When I was a child the smoking rate was something close to 60% of the population. I come from a faimly of 6. Thank you god for no birth pill, ppl back then had 11 to 15 kids sometimes more. They would end up in back street abortions because they couldnt cope with anymore kids. Here I end my impotence case.
Lets just wander a bit to asthma, again I am sure in some of the cases that it maybe the cause or at least an agitator. But again 40 years have past with the anti-smoking stormtroopers blaming amost every know disease on the demon tobacco. Over these year the rates of asthma have quadrupled so how can you blame smoking for that rate?? It really makes me angry.

Who are the healthiest countries in the world. If you correlate it to smoker per population counties like Japan, Italy, China, are high on the good health list. Now if anyone argues it because of their diet I will scream. If diet is the health damager leave me the smoker alone and attack ppl with bad diets PLS!! lol
The USA, and top anti smoking countries like New Zealand have rapidly gone down hill. Please dont believe me check the health stats. Quick because they realise the stats are not in their favour and the fudge them, grrrrr. Enuf for today I can hear the men in the white coats coming down the drive :-)

"Government efforts to fight cigarette smoking over the past 40 years amount to more than a victory for public health. They are also, as Ted Kings new book makes clear, a cautionary tale of how the state can bully, and ultimately crush, members of a momentarily-unfashionable minority group. Just because you don't smoke doesn't mean you shouldn't be afraid."- Tucker Carlson

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Body, My Life.Bullypucky it belongs to the Gummint!!

Hitler may have died but he is sitting on his grave mound laughing his nazi head off. We think we own our bodys that it is the one thing those who have the power cannot touch . Wake up fools the life you live is long past yours!
All western powers including New Zealand are more dictorial, than the German zealot himself.
We have the Nico nazis, the health Stormtroops, the its not safe platoon etc etc.
Then there is the : you cant smack your kids guilt trippers.

Please give me a break I am 61years old I believe totally able to make my own decisions on lifestyle risk. My main reason for this blog will mainly concern the nico nazis and I am not going to be frightened off because I may offend ...oh yeah I forget the, you cant offend brigade. I had a golliwog as a was a friggen cuddly toy folk not a political statement. I read Big Ears and noddy.... now they have been burnt. They are said to be gay, sorry gay folk, but it isnt a political statement. I will scream into this page about the nico nazi next probably, but at least be aware or maybe very afriad of these moustach wearing Puritanical lifestyle police because it is marching on.
Let me fantisize for you for a sec. A knock on you door. Standing there is the Newly formed Health Police they have goverment behind them to allow them to enter your house, search your fridge, to make sure you have seperated your cooked from your raw food and that the cooked food is glad wrapped. They will swab you kitcken, door handles,benches and toilet for germs. If you dont pass they will sanitize your house. If you dont accept this you WILL be fined. They will then check your children for cuts and abrasions. If any are found all your children will be taken from you till you can supply reasons and witnesses to the said injuries.

Be afraid, stop the rot. Right back to where they started their intimidation. They allowed gay folk out of the closest, and have since been pushing the smoker into it. Oops not meant to offend just the rambling of a down trodden, closeted smoker.

Friday, June 19, 2009

OMG, television news, shoot them.

OMG, shoot them all for the common good. OMG, what does the common good really mean? Who defines the common good? Common people.

Take swine flu for example. 140 ppl world wide have died and we have a pandemic, jeez wayne! More people die of the regular flu. Don't you think the control freaks have gone a little bonkers. Whose body is it anyway? If I have the flu and want to treat it by old fashioned traditional methods, one of these control freaks could come to my door if I sneezed on them they could force me to go to a hospital. I dont want to go to hospital. This is my body. I want to treat it my way.
This is just a rehearsal. Please don't be alarmed. The men in white coats are arriving soon.





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