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Roger Smith

In my time as Executive Director the Hawke's Bay Cultural Trust, I directed the Hawke's Bay Museum (in provincial New Zealand). I also had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of the late Dr Joan Wiffen, N.Z.'s 'Dinosaur Lady'.

Joan and her husband discovered the first evidence of dinosaurs in northern Hawke's Bay and (at the time) without much assistance from the scientific community.

Before she began whacking rocks with a hammer, paleontologists were quite certain that New Zealand, a nation slightly smaller than Colorado, was one of the least likely places for dinosaurs to have lived.

At the Museum we determined to build the New Zealand Dinosaur Centre to honour her discoveries and achievements. Planning was well advanced when I left for a more senior position. I was delighted that the key exhibit was built and that Joan maintained an active interest in her passion well into her eighties.

As a former teacher and following my time with Joan it is fair to say that I too got bitten by the 'dinosaur bug' ! This is why, following the success and interest in Global Museum, I was determined to publish a new website that promoted the science and media coverage of all matters 'dinosaurial'

Please feel free to provide your feedback and suggestions for the site and I hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

with best wishes to all
Roger Smith

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What people say
truly love this site

I truly love this site and look forward to its arrival in my email box more than anything. Thank You..

more enjoyable than the news!

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the site. I check it several times every week! Definitely more enjoyable than the news! :-) Brad.


What a WONDERFUL website you have! I'm recommending it to friends..


...what a fabulous site you have at dinosaur news!


Love the site, great work.

These folk also liked dinosaurnews


I just found your wonderful website. Thank you so much for the service you perform
Calvin Roach

I truly enjoy reading your emails. I find the topics are every informative I have learned a lot.
Sincerely, Christina Brooks, Research Casting International

On a personal note I think your ezine is a terrific resource.
Susan Dineen, Vice President, Arius3D.

I always look forward to read the news from all over the world.
Torben Hansen, Denmark

Heads up! There's still more.

Thank you for an interesting, useful site. I recommend it to teachers who continue to contact me after 6 years of retirement. I also volunteer at the local science museum and recommend your site to the many children who visit it.
Marvin Selnes, Sioux Falls, SD

Thank You for the excellent coverage you've given my ongoing research. Stay tuned for even more controversial findings to be unveiled during 2004!
Best regards,
Marilyn D. Wegweiser, Ph.D., Affiliate Faculty, Idaho Museum of Natural History

First of all I would like to tell you how much I enjoy reading Dinosaurnews each week.. Immensely appreciated....
Phil Rutledge, The Grace Museum

Thanks so much for the stories, they are excellent and not ones I have seen elsewhere. BTW I love your site and check it at least twice a week or so, we discuss many of the stories you post on your site on our Yahoo mailing list, DinosaursEtc and it wouldn't be the same without your hard work and skill at finding stories I don't see on other science news websites. Thanks again.
Tim Martin

Dear Dinonews
I'll miss you for the few weeks while you’re on your Holiday. Without doubt you have the most informative, up to date, user friendly Dino information site on the Web!
You are my first port of call every week to get the latest news from around the world.
Kind Regards, Colin E Wilks .

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