A Golden Age for Museums in the Persian Gulf

A Golden Age for Museums in the Persian Gulf

Since the turn of the millennium, emirates of the Gulf have been in a museum-building campaign, recruiting Pritzker-winning architects to design elaborate structures, and partnering with major Western cultural institutions. Read more.

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The Ninja turtle is caught skinny dipping in Trump's Mar-a-Lago pool
- Rich Hamell

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That expression you get when you lose your bathing costume - Tom Renquist

Cecil hated being photo-bombed - Gina Thoms

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Money and Banking Museums: from display to engagement
ICOMON Jakarta 2017
Call for Papers
XXIV ICOMON Meeting, Jakarta 2017
First Announcement & Call for Papers
In this decade, museums are not merely a place for displaying information about the history, heritage, historical objects, and conducting education programmes, but the function of museums are transforming to become the strategic communication for institutions takin care of museums. This strategic function of museums is expected to bridge between an interest of the institution in accomplishing its mission to educate the public about the history of the institution, history of the policies and the current policies issued by the institutions, and the interest of the public to gain the knowledge.
Therefore this Conference is arranged to encourage interactive discussions amongst participants upon the above theme. Participants are expected to deliver presentation on how the transformation of the museum takes place whilst accomplishing its mission to educate the public, how the museum serves its function as a communication tool for an institution, and how the museum responds the challenges encountered for the future development, and what strategy the museum applies in utilising state of the art of technology.
The conference will be held at Museum Bank Indonesia Jl. Pintu Besar Utara No. 3 Jakarta, INDONESIA
For more information see our website on www.bi.go.id/en/icomon.

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