Italy to scrap free monthly museum entry

Italy to scrap free monthly museum entry

Responding to criticism from Italy's opposition parties, Bonisoli explained in a Facebook video that he had spoken to museum directors and that the majority were keen to end the Domenica al museo programme.

The Art Of Stealing

The Art Of Stealing

What first seemed like a sophisticated burglary by professionals, turned out to be the work of a few small-time Romanian criminals who had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

caption contest winner

This week's Caption Contest Winner

Joan hit on an idea to get Grandpa to quit smoking
- J. Botha

Runners Up:

Distracted by a smudge on her shoe, Lydia’s day was about to take a bad turn - Bob Pickering

Edwin unaware his estranged wife was holding the smoking gun - Rich Hamell

Cock it? Leg or firearm? - Claire Walkinshaw

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