The 10 Best Museums in Amsterdam

The 10 Best Museums in Amsterdam

While the Golden Age art, ingenious design, and Van Gogh self-portraits tend to hog visitors' attention, there's new local competition in the form of pop art darling Moco, with its vast Banksy collection.

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Few people realize that the Tiny House Movement was started by Dieter Spindle in the Black Forest
- Terry Campbell

Runners Up:

The Human Snail - Nicole Gonzalez

Fritz is all set with a keg of brandy to be the 'fox' in the Zurich Alpine Steeple Chase - Rich Hamellt

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Power and Splendour
This summer, delve into the Middle Ages with a new exhibition presented at the Canadian Museum of History.
Opening on June 8, Medieval Europe – Power and Splendour features iconic works of art and artifacts from one of the most interesting times in human history.
Covering more than a thousand years — from the fall of Rome, around A.D. 400, until 1500 — this travelling exhibition from the British Museum in London, England, examines a period in which new freedoms were won, town life took root and the map of Europe was transformed. It was also the age of the Crusades, knights, and epic tales of courage and thwarted love — themes that continue to echo down through the centuries to the present day
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