University of Strasbourg is World Heritage
The UNESCO World Heritage Committee has announced that the Neustadt - the late 19th and early 20th century urban development of the city of Strasbourg, which includes at its very heart the University of Strasbourg -- just entered the World Heritage List.
The inclusion of the Neustadt means that the whole of historic Strasbourg is now World Heritage - the Cathedral and Grand Île had already been listed in 1988. The recognition celebrates architecture, urban development, art and European history and exchanges.
In terms of university heritage, the value is also outstanding. In Strasbourg, the university buildings are extremely well preserved and richly decorated with artistic and architectonic elements, evoking and inspiring knowledge and culture. Moreover, the original 19th century university development plan is still there, particularly in the University Palace, Botanic Garden and Astronomical Observatory axis. The scientific, artistic and historic collections have been preserved, and so have the archives and libraries. It is one of those exceptional places in Europe where you can completely understand what the 19th century university was about: integrating arts and sciences to advance research.

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