Ice-Age Village in Canada

Ice-Age Village in Canada One of Oldest North American Settlements

According to the oral tradition of the Heiltsuk Nation, some of their earliest ancestors survived the last ice age by huddling on a strip of land that never froze.

Middle East Photograph Preservation Initiative (MEPPI)
MEPPI, a multiyear collaboration of The Getty Conservation Institute, the Arab Image Foundation, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the University of Delaware to build the capacity of individuals and institutions in the preservation and awareness of photograph collections in the Middle East and North Africa, marks its culmination with a symposium in Beirut, May 3–4, 2017. Partnering with the Sursock Museum, MEPPI presents the symposium The Photographic Legacy of the Middle East and North Africa: Priorities for Sustainability. It will provide an opportunity to engage with directors from many of MEPPI's institutions, as well as scholars, decision-makers and other professionals, to both reflect upon the progress made by the initiative and to consider how to sustain the many benefits of the MEPPI network into the future.

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