Name: Amanda N. Daddona


Address: 63 Alexander Dr. , East Hartford, CT 06118

Phone: (860) 965-3256


Trinity College
Expected Graduation May, 2015
M.A. Candidate in American Studies, Cultural Track
GPA: 4.03

Lehigh University
Graduated 2009
B.A in History with a minor in Music
GPA: 3.68

Special Projects:

Trinity College
Capstone Project
- Researching American social dancing from the 1940s, particularly the Lindy Hop. Examining underlying racial issues, women's roles, and the military's use of social dancing as a leisure activity during World War II.

Work Experience:

North American Dance Academy
April 2012-February 2013
- Promoted the studio and its events through various social media websites, e-mail, and printed advertisements
- Managed the front desk, answered all inquiries in a timely manner, maintained and regularly updated customer accounts and studio financial records with meticulous attention to detail
- Assisted with the organization and implementation of studio events

Lehigh University
September 2008-May 2009
Swing Club President
- Organized dances, special events, performances, and fundraisers in order to provide and promote an enjoyable and safe social setting in which students and community members could participate in an aspect of American culture
- Contacted and negotiated agreements with local bands, community centers, and various organizations for on- and off-campus events
- Officiated over club meetings and delegated tasks to the other members of the executive board

Goodwin College
January 2013-Present
Transcript Coordinator
- Evaluates previous collegiate coursework and non-collegiate work/military experience for all transfer students in order to provide them with the information they need to succeed academically
- Interacts with a culturally diverse student body in order to help them achieve their academic goals and expeditiously resolves any issues
- Oversees, creates, and enforces transfer policies and procedures, provides training for faculty and staff in an effort to ensure accuracy and compliance throughout the college, and manages summer and temporary help
- Strives for greater efficiency and accuracy in the transfer process by meeting deadlines, paying meticulous attention to detail, collaborating interdepartmentally, creating and maintaining equivalency databases, and proposing and implementing an intelligent capture software system that will enhance the transfer process for the entire college
- Conducts research for program development and partakes in various opportunities for professional development in order to establish more sophisticated processes, and actively promotes and engages in an environment that is receptive to expanding and improving current processes and procedures

Goodwin College
March 2011-December 2012
Assistant Transcript Coordinator
- Strove to enhance the student experience by providing accurate evaluations of transfer credit in a timely manner
- Interacted interdepartmentally with faculty and staff to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the transfer process


Competitive ballroom dancing, event planning, cultural history, and film

Valid until January 14, 2016