Name: Justin Grandfield



For the past three years, I have been pursuing a Master's degree in history, with an emphasis on public history. I have made it a goal to work in a museum, an archives, or for a historic preservation firm since I began this degree. I am looking to be hired, since I will be graduating in May. I am very interested in curating, historical research, and exhibition design.
My education is greatly focused on historic preservation and collections care, and as such, I have worked to develop my skills in these areas by working with Knob Noster State Park this past summer and fall, where I helped Daniel Brigman, the supervisor for the park, collect information about the park's history for interpretation to the public. This research culminated in a brochure that discussed Montserrat Recreational Development Area, the park as it was known during 1935-1946, when it fell under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service. While researching the park, I went to a variety of locations to scan and print documentation for the park's records, such as the National Archives records center in Kansas City, Mo. My specialization is in public history, and as such I have studied the chronology of American public history efforts in the United States.
I have also had education regarding historic archaeology and architecture, and coursework on public history and museum studies. During the course of my education, I have had to create two display cases for the University of Central Missouri McClure Archives and Museum for a summer exhibition. In this regard, I have some experience and understanding in interpreting historic objects, events, people, and locations to the public. If you examine the transcripts I have attached, you will see all of the courses I have taken. You will find that I have taken a variety of courses to round out my education.
As well as these skills, I have a lot of experience writing about historic preservation efforts and have been exposed to a variety of works regarding the efforts of public and private efforts from a variety of locations in the United States, ranging from the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association to the controversial efforts to preserve and interpret the La Calle district of Tuscon. When I was in the Marine Corps, I was a combat correspondent, so I also have a great deal of experience in photography, particularly SLR photography, and working with the public, since I had to act as a liaison for civilians who contacted the public affairs office. I also have experience working with public records for the Department of Homeland Security while under contract for CMI Management, Inc.

Summary of Skills:

- Experience working with and interpreting and storing archived files and materials
- Experience digitzing records for electronic archiving for public historical records keeping
- Experience in proper handling, storage, and care of historical objects and archived records
- Experience handling government records and using government databases to search for records
- Experience working as a photographer in the Marine Corps
- Experience using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Pagemaker (and familiarity with Adobe InDesign), Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Publisher, Google online software suite, and online research databases (such as JSTOR)
- Experience working with archived materials
- Education regarding proper care and handling of archived materials
- Education regarding public history methods used by public and private institutions, and how historical interpretation affects the public's perception of events on a global, national, or local scale
- Experience creating public history education materials, such as brochures and labels An understanding of how to express history to the public in a non-pedantic way

Relevant Work Experience:

- General Clerk I, CMI Management, Inc.
National Benefits Center, Lee's Summit, MO * September 2014-Present
Auditing physical government records
Matching, organizing, and consolidating physical government files Making sure files are refiled appropriately for the next step of processing Searching for lost records if they are not in the appropriate location, using government databases, and updating their location if found

- Internship, Knob Noster State Park
Knob Noster, MO * May-December 2013
Read through, archived, and digitized in-house and external records for the park Read through park's historical documents for interpretation of the park's history Engaged in external research at historical research institutions Compiled park historical documents for publication of a brochure about the park's early history, “The Origins of Knob Noster State Park.” Identified and helped in dealing with pest control of archived material

- Combat Correspondent, U.S. Marine Corps
2003-2005, Honorable Discharge
Photographed and wrote news releases on matters related to US Marine Corps Forces, Atlantic and Marine Corps public affairs activities Acted as a liaison and escort between the Marine Corps and civilians


University of Central Missouri (UCM)
Master of Arts, History * 2011-2014
Concentration in Public History and Archiving
Graduate Internship, Knob Noster State Park
Graduate Capstone Project, Knob Noster State Park\'s Origins as a National Park for Kansas Citians during the Great Depression: researching the park\'s history by examining records from the National Archives, Johnson County Historical Society, Trails Regional Library, and Knob Noster State Park\'s in house records. This project culminated in the production of a brochure for public education about the park\'s early history. Brochure is currently approved for production, and is awaiting a final edit by the state for distribution.

Bachelor of Science, Political Science * 2006-2010

U.S. Department of Defense, Defense Information School Basic Public Affairs Specialist - Writer Course, BPAS-W 050-04, 2004

Academic Specialties:

Public history and archiving
East Asian history
Political and governmental trends in the United States, particularly with regards to foreign policy, in the 20th and 21st centuries

Summary of Coursework taken in preparation for my career:

- Museum Studies
The American Military Experience (Military History in the United States from the American Revolution to modern times)
Graduate Colloquium: Historical Memory, Historic Preservation, and Heritage Tourism in the United States
Public History Project: Knob Noster State Park Public History
Internship: Knob Noster State Park Historical Archaeology Public History Rise of Chinese Civilization Modern China Rise of Japanese Civilization Our Times 1980/2008 (modern US history course covering political history from Reagan to the election of Obama)
Historiography Graduate
Colloquium: Atlantic Revolutions Public Opinion and Mass Media

Extracurricular Activities:

University of Central Missouri Model United Nations Club University of Central Missouri Student Government Association University of Central Missouri Forensics and Debate Team

Professional and Academic References for Justin Grandfield:

Daniel Brigman
Internship Supervisor, Knob Noster State Park

Dr. Jon Taylor
Graduate Advisor, UCM History Department

Dr. Jessica Cannon
Assistant Professor of History, UCM History Department

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