Name: Karen Martindale


Personal Homepage:

Resume Detail:
A well-organized and hard-working professional with 4 years of graduate coursework and 4 years of experience in archaeological and museum conservation in Texas as well as abroad. Takes initiative in projects, developing and implementing strategies t - complete a task in an organized and efficient manner. Characterized as resourceful, flexible, and knowledgeable, exceeding expectations in ability t - multitask and work independently.


Texas A&M University College Station, TX August 2011–May 2015
Master of Arts in Anthropology – Nautical Archaeology Program
GPA: 3.89

Rice University Houston, TX August 2008–May 2011
Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology
GPA: 3.79
Recognitions: National Society of Collegiate Scholars: Fall 2010 – Spring 2011
President’s Honor Roll: Spring 2010, Spring 2011

Work Experience:

- Conservation Research Laboratory College Station, TX November 2015 – Present
Research Assistant
** Create and maintain artifact database
** Accession and prioritize all artifacts as they arrive at the Conservation Research Laboratory
** Supervise and instruct new employees and volunteers in all aspects of inventory and conservation of artifacts

- Panamerican Consultants Inc. Savannah, GA September 2015—October 2015
Marine Archaeologist
Supervisor: Steve James
** Supervised team of up t - seven archaeologists during mechanical recovery phase of the CSS Georgia excavation
** Photographed and described artifacts for field database
** Organized artifact storage and ensured proper care of artifacts for transport

- Conservation Research Lab College Station, TX December 2012–August 2015
Assistant Manager for the USS Westfield Project August 2014 – Present
Supervisor: Justin Parkoff
** Create and edit working 3D model of USS Westfield boiler in preparation for physical build and installation in Texas City Museum
** Create and edit displays and murals for USS Westfield exhibit at the Texas City Museum
** Install artifacts and murals at the Texas City Museum

- Student Technician December 2012–August 2015
** Take pre-conservation, in progress, and post-conservation photos of artifacts
** Take and interpret digital X-Rays of artifacts
** Create and maintain databases for all new and ongoing projects
** Conserve artifacts made of a variety of materials (iron, bronze, pewter, lead, wood, textiles, leather, ceramics, composites)
** Reconstruct and replicate heavily degraded artifacts using silicone rubber and epoxy molding techniques
** Develop policies for use of photography and X-Ray equipment and ensure that all employees are trained t - follow policies
** Part of conservation team for the following projects:
- CSS Georgia – Summer 2015-Present
- La Salle Shipwreck Project (La Belle) – Spring 2012-Present
- USS Westfield – Fall 2013-Present
- Red River Project (Heroine) – Fall 2013
** Lead Conservator for the following small collections:
- Absecon Inlet Beach – Spring 2015
- Barnegat Inlet – Summer/Fall 2014
- “Marble Wreck” – Fall 2014
** Pack completed artifacts for transport t - clients
** Instruct and supervise interns, volunteers, and new employees in proper documentation and conservation methods

- CRL Volunteer January 2012 – May 2012
** Mechanically cleaned excess silicone oil from wood post-conservation
** Documented and mechanically cleaned cask fragments from La Belle
** Mechanically cleaned concretions and created molds for artifacts from USS Westfield and La Belle

- Godavaya Shipwreck Excavation Godavaya, Sri Lanka February 2014-May 2014
Dive Team Member, Field Conservator
** Member of the Institute of Nautical Archaeology underwater excavation team
** Ensured proper care of the artifacts from the site, t - the field house, and t - the conservation lab
** Maintained the artifact database
** Conducted on-site artifact photography

- Architecture Dept. Fabrication Lab College Station, TX May 2012 – November 2013
Graduate Assistant
** Designed 3D models and manufactured products from these models for clients in wood, foam, and metal using both traditional methods and computer-driven methods (laser cutters and CNCs)
** Developed policies and guides for use of laser cutters and CNCs
** Taught Rhinoceros 3D software t - new employees and students

- The National Archives London, England May 2010 – August 2010
** Assisted the archival department in updating the online catalog
** Conducted research for The National Archives publications
** Assisted education department during workshops
** Designed educational activities for the museum housed at The National Archives

- Freedmanstown Archaeology Field School Houston, TX February 2010 and 2011
Student excavator
** Took part in ongoing excavations, acting in turn as excavator, “pit boss”, screener, and conservator (basic cleaning, labeling, and bagging of artifacts)
** Took charge of analyzing glass and ceramic fragments for field season reports
** Created database of all diagnostic material and devised plans for exhibitions and related activities at the Gregory-Lincoln Elementary School

- Houston Museum of Natural Science Houston, TX
** Lead activity centers at permanent exhibits


- Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, and Powerpoint)
- Database Management (Re:Discovery, FileMaker Pro)
- Image editing software (Photoshop, Gimp, Adobe Lightroom)
- 3D modeling software (Rhinoceros 3D, RhinoCAM, and AutoCAD)
- Document imaging hardware (scanner, copier) and associated software

Specialized Equipment
- Photography equipment (Canon and Nikon DSLRs, tungsten studi - lights) and associated software (Zoom Browser EX, Canon Utility)
- FAR - Arm hardware and GeoMagic software
- X Radiography: Universal Easymatic 300 Console, Fujifilm Console Advance, Genesis OmniVue
- Dremel Rotary tools for grinding, cutting, and polishing
- Jeol 6400 SEM

Short Courses and Certifications:

- 3 – 28 August 2015: Completed the course “Materials for Storage and Display” through the Northern States Conservation Center
- 6 July – 15 August 2015: Completed the course “Integrated Pest Management for Museums, Libraries and Archives” through the Northern States Conservation Center
- 18 November 2013: Completed a General Radiation Producing Device Training through Texas A&M University Environmental Health and Safety Office
- Fall 2011–Fall 2013: Completed the Conservation Certificate offered by the Department of Anthropology at Texas A&M University
- 29 – 30 April 2013: Completed Bruker XRF training seminar
- Spring 2013: BIOL 604 course (Fundamental Scanning Electron Microscopy)
- 2 July – 3 August 2012: Completed a paper conservation course through the San Gemini Preservation Studies Program

Presentations and Publications:

Martindale, Karen. 2015. The Accelerated Degradation of Conserved Waterlogged Wood. Thesis, Texas A&M University.
Martindale, Karen. 2015. Reconstructing La Belle’s Casks. Poster presented at Society for Historical Archaeology Conference, 2015 January 7-10, Seattle, WA.

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