Name: Pierre Guirguis



Exp. John Hopkins University Washington DC
May 2018 Master of Arts in Museum Studies

Jan. 2013 University of Durham, UK
Master of Arts in Archaeology
• Thesis title “Textual, Artistic and Archaeological evidence for Achaemenid arms and armor”
• Egyptian and Near Eastern Archeology concentration

May 2010 American University in Cairo (AUC) Cairo, Egypt
Bachelor of Arts in Egyptology
• Worked as a research assistant to Dr. Lisa Sabbahy to prepare for “Human Remains in Ancient Egypt” conference.
• Received maximum score on Muesology project, “Designing an exhibition of Ancient Egyptian Military”, which was demonstrated to the class, including the Head of the Egyptology department.

The Egypt Exploration Society (EES) Cairo, Egypt
Certificate in Museum Exhibitions Design (Level I and II)
• Project title “Egypt outside Egypt: Egyptian culture and finds in Campania”, which was presented to the class, including the head of the Children’s Museum in Cairo and a top member in ICOM (International Council of Museums).
Certificate in Museum Collections Management


May 2016– The American Alliance of Museums (AAM) Washington DC
May 2016 Volunteer – The American Alliance of Museums Annual Meeting
Monitored a session by counting the people present in the session as well as keeping track of time; volunteered at a general session where I guided the session’s attendees to any available seats; took part in the information booth where I told the conference’s attendees of information regarding sessions.

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Cairo, Egypt
Aug 2015− Volunteer – Assists Curator
Present Assisted curator by inspecting labels for museum objects; identifying missing labels; editing the labels for the museum’s objects. Assisted the Repatriated Objects exhibition for 2014-2015 by translating the panel text from Arabic to English. Edited a letter addressed to the ambassador of Brazil regarding a proposal for a traveling exhibition and a 100-plus page condition report for objects of a traveling exhibition to Japan.
Aug 2015− Volunteer - Registration and Collection Management Documentation Department (RCMDD)
Mar 2016 Conducted an inventory for museum objects within museum galleries; renamed photographs of museum objects in order to place them onto the museum database; importing photographs of museum objects onto the museum database; and conducted First Pass (renaming of object title, arranging the pages in the multimedia tab, and searching for the object location in the database).

Patrons of The Egytpian Museum in Cairo (PEMC) Cairo, Egypt
Dec 2014 − Head of Committee of Volunteers and Recruitment
Sept 2015 Liasoned with department/committee heads to recruit potential volunteering candidates. I successfully recruited the first candidate, joining the Education committee.
Dec 2013− Volunteer Researcher
Dec 2014 Researched and compiled four documents containing detailed information on 13 museum artifacts that were stolen during the Egyptian Revolution in 2011; raised public awareness about the looted items to help in their recovery. My work contributed in the return of four priceless antiquities.

Apr 2014 – Theban Mapping Project Cairo, Egypt
June 2015 Volunteer Researcher
Provided research for a gazetteer of all archaeological sites across Egypt to provide bibliographic and basic archaeological information for all past and present archaeological projects in Egypt; Utilized Google Earth and mapping tools to identify sites, report locations, and provided descriptive information; Successfully researched for over 30 archaeological sites.

Mar 2013 – Al-Rawi Heritage Magazine Cairo, Egypt
Nov 2013 Staff Writer
Wrote summaries of news stories for this bi-monthly magazine focused on Egyptian history; articles included archaeological discoveries made in Egypt. Increased marketing efforts and strategies by targeting university professors and professionals at industry events.

2010-2011 Center For Documentation Of Culturla And Natural Heritage (CULTNAT) Cairo, Egypt
Research Assistant - The Photographic Memory of Egypt Project (PME)
Contributed in the development of a comprehensive database of Egyptian photographic collections, which was a part of a project aiming to conserve and restore old Egyptian photographs. Initiated contact with holders of photographs (museums, educational institutes, cultural centers and private owners). Interviewed educational institute to determine type, condition, purpose, and quantity of photographs.

Community Involvement:
2010 AMARNA Project Cairo, Egypt
2009 Student Action For Refugees (STAR) Program Cairo, Egypt
2007 Egyptian Museum Database Project Cairo, Egypt


Languages: Fluent in English and Arabic; Basic proficiency in German

Software: Highly experienced with Microsoft Office. Basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Ke EMu, and FileMaker Pro

Valid until June 4th, 2017