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The American Heritage Virtual Archive Project
Download the Encoded Archival Description Retrospective Conversion Guidelines by clicking here .

Museum and Cultural Heritage Information Standards resource guide
A resource guide to museum and cultural heritage information standards. It is based on a brochure produced by the Getty Information Institute (formerly the Getty Art History Information Program) and CIDOC, titled Developments in International Museum and Cultural Heritage Information Standards, first published in 1993 and updated July 1995


The Digital Landscape: The Hawaiian Newspapers and War Records and Trust Territory Image Repository of the University of Hawaii
by James Cartwright, Martha Chantiny, Joan Hori, and Karen Peacock

ArtsConnectEd: Collaboration in the Integration and Access to Museum Resources
by Robin Dowden, Scott Sayre, and Steve Dietz

Digital Star Dust: The Hoagy Carmichael Collection at Indiana University
by Kristine R. Brancolini, Jon W. Dunn, and John A. Walsh

Linking Florida's Natural Heritage: Science & Citizenry
by Stephanie C. Haas and Priscilla Caplan

Collaboration through the Colorado Digitization Project
by Nancy Allen

Digital Workflow Management: The Lester S. Levy Digitized Collection of Sheet Music
by G. Sayeed Choudhury, Cynthia Requardt, Ichiro Fujinaga, Tim DiLauro, Elizabeth W. Brown, James W. Warner, and Brian Harrington

The Plant Information Center
by Evelyn Daniel, Peter White, Jane Greenberg, and James Massey

Digitizing and Preserving Plant Images: Linking Plant Images and Databases for Public Access
by Connie Wolf and Douglas Holland

The Birth and Development of Find-It!:Washington State's Government Information Locator Service
by Nancy Zussy

Socially Grounded User Studies in Digital Library Development
by Ann Peterson Bishop, Bharat Mehra, Imani Bazzell, and Cynthia Smith

Children Shaping the Future of Digital Libraries
by Allison Druin

ATEEL (The Advanced Technology Environmental Education Library): Advancing Technician Program Resources into the New Millennium
by Ellen J. Kabat Lensch and Kay Kretschmar Runge

INFOMINE: Promising Directions in Virtual Library Development 
by Julie Mason, Steve Mitchell, Margaret Mooney, Lynne Reasoner, and Carlos Rodriguez

Interoperability and Standards in a Museum/Library Collaborative: The Colorado Digitization Project
by Liz Bishoff

Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave: Opportunities and Challenges for Standards Development in the Digital Library Arena
by Priscilla Caplan

Digital Image Managers: A Museum/University Collaboration
by S. K. Hastings

Preserving Digital Assets: Cornell's Digital Image Collection Project
by Anne R. Kenney and Oya Y. Rieger

The Archivist's Toolkit   
The "Archivist's Toolkit" has been designed as a community resource for use by those working primarily in small and medium-sized archives in British Columbia

Handbook For Digital Projects:   
A Management Tool for Preservation and Access

Standards for Digital Audio   
Converting analog cassette tape recordings of oral histories into digital format

Digital Imagery for Works of Art        
An exploration of how the research and development agenda of leading computer and imaging scientists might more usefully and effectively serve the requirements of art historians, art curators and conservators, and scholars and practitioners in closely related disciplines

Visual Archives Online    
Universite de Montreal's online access to more than a thousand of visual documents

Special Collections Guidelines 
to make the rare documents and books in our care available to researchers like yourself

Donating Materials to the University Archives 
Harvard University Archives

When Works Pass Into the Public Domain in the United States 
Cornell Institute for Digital Collections

The DigiCULT Project
is a support measure within the EU Information Society Technologies Programme, which provides a technology watch mechanism for the cultural and scientific sector. In order to encourage early take up of new technological developments, DigiCULT produces and disseminates Newsletters, Thematic Issues and Technology Watch Reports - all available online and free of charge

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