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Global Museum is owned and published privately, as a not-for-profit entity dedicated to serving the museum profession and those with a passion for museums.

The site is the brain child of Roger Smith, a former Museum Director and Chair of the International Council of Museum's (ICOM) Marketing and Public Relations Committee, Chair of ICOM New Zealand and in recent years, a digital consultant.

Established in 1997 and a web edition first published online in 1998, Global Museum has become a 'staple diet' for those who enjoy the goings-on in the museum world. See endorsements for Global Museum.

New Zealand Web Site wins International Award - April 2004

The site receives no public funding of any kind and is solely reliant on reader / user donations and any advertising revenue generated. If you wish to donate a modest $US sum and assist the site please use this secure payment system provided by PAYPAL..

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