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Worldwide Database of University Museums and Collections
Explore the extraordinary world of university museums and collections

Museum Guiding is a profession
The book 'Guiding is a profession' gives tools that museum educators and museum guides can use to design tours, an overview of the required competences and ways to further professionalize as a guide and educator

Volunteers and Internship Programs
Policies, Recruitment, Training Manuals & Handbooks, Legal Issues, Volunteer Management, Professional Organizations, Internship Program Resources

Museums Online - A platform for Dutch collectors that value Dutch heritage

Open Up Museums For Everyone
UK project and resulting resources designed to help all size museums to increase the diversity of their visitors to make real and lasting change in the museum sector

Layers of Leadership across Libraries, Archives, and Museums
Nexus Leading Across Boundaries (LAB)

Professional Practices Document
The Association of Academic Museums and Galleries (AAMG)

Worldwide Database of University Museums and Collections
Compiled by the ICOM committee UMAC (University Museums and Collections)

A Grant Seeker's Guide to the Internet: Revised and Revisited

A Guide to Old Covered Bridges
Illustrated web site of the covered bridges of the Philadelphia region

Bead Research - Journal of the Society of Bead Researchers
Author Index of BEADS
Subject Index of BEADS

ABZU A guide to internet resources for the study of the Ancient Near East

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
The Council is an independent Federal agency created by the National Historic Preservation

LessonCorner - A collection of Explorers lesson plans and worksheets

The Archaeological Sites of the Aegean Minoans 154 Minoan Archaeological Sites and Geographical Features

Web Exclusives
Web Exclusives are special articles and extras to highlight topics covered in the AAM Museum magazine

School Museums
How to Build the School Museum - Step by Step - A guide to the careful and thoughtful development of a school museum.

Environmental Education Resources on the Internet with professional online resources listed. Click here.

2008 WebWise Conference on Libraries and Museums in the Digital World
WebWise 2.0: The Power of Community

Some Basic Issues Involved in Organizing a Historical Society
Indiana Model

The Art & Architecture Thesaurus browser 
The Getty's vocabulary programme with its focus on art, architecture and material culture

AATA Online (Art & Archaeology Technical Abstracts)
A comprehensive database of more than 100,000 abstracts of literature related to the preservation and conservation of material cultural heritage

MDA Fact Sheets - Documentation, IT, Legal Issues

Online Natural History at the Hooper Virtual Natural History Museum

Evolution & Extinction
Fossil Fish
Climate Change
The Invertebrates
Archaeology & Athropology 
Wonders of Palaeontology

Fundraising sites
Provides donors with a source of information on U.S. non-profits and allows for secure, online donations.
CyberGrants is an interactive online philanthropy Web portal that allows non-profits to access, free of charge, research grant guidelines and create, maintain and submit online proposals directly to member foundations.
Provides articles about fundraising and links to articles about philanthropy that have been published by news organizations.

Australian Science Teachers Journal articles of interest to Museum educators. 
Author Michael Michie 
Factors influencing secondary science teachers to organise and conduct field trips 
Evaluating teacher perceptions of a program at afield study centre

Free Educational Material from SITES, the Smithsonian Institution Travelling Exhibition Service CLICK HERE 

Looking for a Travelling exhibition to show in your Museum? Art, History & Culture,Science & Natural History from SITES, the Smithsonian Institution Travelling Exhibition Service Click here. 

Suggested Guidelines in Museum Security 
Security Management Online

New York State Consolidated Laws Arts and Cultural Affairs
A webpage that has the entire the entire "Consolidated Laws: Arts and Cultural Affairs Law" of New York state

Guidelines for Accessible Exhibit Design
from the Smithsonian Accessibility Programme

How to Make Your Museum Accessible 
The individual and collective experiences of ASTC member-institutions

Museum as Catalyst for Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Beginning a Conversation pdf

Art2Life interactive timelines 
brings 100 years of art, people and events in Canada to life

Mission Statements for Children's Museums PDF download

What information are virtual visitors looking for on museum Websites?

Japanese American Internment lesson plans

Welcome to the worlds hidden just below the surface archaeology for educators

The Tech Open Source Exhibition process and guidelines

Tax Incentives information ICOM

Replica Food Replica is a specialist manufacturer of displays and educational models of the highest quality

Survey, Samples & Shortcuts

Spanish museum's Portal Info about all museums in Catalonia and Spain, agenda, activities, directories

Fact sheet Series from the Council for British Archaeology 
Written to provide information about the planning system in England with the goal of helping local groups and individuals interested in conservation of their local archaeological and historic heritage understand and become more involved in planning in their area

Collection Management Policy of the Museum of Texas Tech University. pdf

Collection Policy - Aurora Regional Fire Museum's

Articles on teaching, and learning how to teach, in museums and galleries
M. Christine Castle, Ph.D. Education, Consultant, Museum Education & Interpretation

Smithsonian Education Portal - the central online resource for the Smithsonian Institution

Board Essentials - If you currently serve on a board, or are considering serving on a board, this is a comprehensive list of the essential information you will need to know.

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