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The Delicate Job of Making Mounts for Giacometti Sculptures at the Guggenheim

The Delicate Job of Making Mounts for Giacometti Sculptures

The creation of each Guggenheim exhibition involves many people, and all of them bring different kinds of technical expertise to the installation process.

Common Ground: People and Our Places
Local Learning announces publication of Volume 5 of the Journal of Folklore and Education, a special issue working at the confluence of culture, environment, and education. From Indigenous ways of knowing to cultural stewardship, art environments to children’s folklore, place-based education to technology, this issue illustrates folklore's critical engagement with emerging and established partnerships between the arts, humanities, and science.
In a JFE first, we are publishing Volume 5 as a two-part edition. The two mirror each other, bringing into dialogue educators and public humanists across different disciplines, while spanning topics like traditional ecological knowledge, mitigation of environmental impacts, foodways, language, public folklore, and innovative pedagogies and curricula on the ground.

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