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Muzey Sulayman Too

Muzey Sulayman Too

Muzey Sulayman Too (also spelled Sulaiman-Too) is housed within a combination of natural and human-made caves that accommodate a total of 13 exhibition rooms.

These Cultural Treasures Are Made of Plastic. Now They’re Falling Apart

These Cultural Treasures Are Made of Plastic. Now They’re Falling Apart

Museum conservators are racing to figure out how to preserve modern artworks and historical objects that are disintegrating.

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The museum staff's donor drive was the most successful ever
- Tom Renquist

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If you’re crazy and you know it, raise your hands - Claire Walkinshaw

The Pirates of Penzance attempt to rob students at the Marceau School and warn them: "too stop clowning around and give me what's mime" - Rich Hamell

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Visitor Experience Conference
The 2018 Visitor Experience Conference will be held in San Antonio, TX, October 7-9, 2018.
As visitor experience and engagement professionals, a vital part of our job is to make our guests feel welcomed and wanted. We ensure that our institutions are relevant and that each and every guest understands their value and importance to us.
It is in this spirit of welcome and belonging that the 7th annual Visitor Experience Conference focuses on best practices, the sharing of ideas, and working together to build up a museum community that fosters a sense of inclusiveness, engages with new communities, and embraces all of those seeking a space in which they can learn and grow.
Join us for VEX18 in San Antonio, Texas this October..

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