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Feast your eyes on the contemporary stylish eyewear in our handpicked frame collection. We're modern eye health professionals, and we keep up to date with latest trends and technologies in all aspects of vision.

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To request an appointment, use the e-mail below. Let us know whether you prefer weekdays or weekends; mornings, afternoons or evenings and the nature of the eye examination you require.

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If you have any other questions, try here:

Or if you prefer the old-fashioned way, these things also work:
Ph: (09) 309-3900 OR

      (09) 373-5873

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It's a hectic life. We know how busy our clients and patients are. So we never cease to be amazed at all the positive feedback we get every time we send out our e-newsletter. We cover such topics as the latest in spectacles and contact lenses, preventative eye care, and any pertinent issues we consider relevant to the Public Eye.

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