Cosmetic lenses aren't just available for changing your eye colour - you can also make a dramatic impact with your eyes by wearing lenses with bizarre designs!

Extreme effects lenses like these are used regularly for startling effects by people such as Marilyn Manson, as well as moviemakers (Lord of the Rings, X-Men) and of course New Zealand's own Blindspott.

These lenses are made with a clear centre so your pupil will show through (and so you can see through them!) and are available with and without prescription.

Designs such as the Cat's Eye and Devil lenses, with slit-like pupils, are especially weighted so that when they move around on your eye the pupil does not go off the vertical centre of your eyes.

The most popular wacky designs are available as monthly disposables, so you can use them to shock your friends quite a few times before you need to replace them! This also makes them affordable enough to try several of your favourite wild styles.

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