As an independent practice, there is no limit to the range of frames Eden Eye can stock. Spectacle frames vary greatly, and although we have something for everyone, the demand at Eden Eye is for the funky and stylish.

Choosing a new frame is easy with our help, but the first time can be a bit mind boggling if you try it on your own - there are so many styles to choose from! It's best not to start with your budget. That comes at the end, once you've established what frames are right for you.

Think about when and where you'll be wearing your glasses. Try and decide what sort of 'look' you want. Funky, or conservative? Practical or state of the art? Consider the nature of your job and how you dress, including your favourite colours, and decide how well you think you'll look after your glasses.

You can then start looking for something appropriate. We know our range of frames intimately, and can start picking out frames to help give you an idea. Just try something on and see whether you like it. If not, what is it about that frame you don't like? Is it too flat across the brow, or too round? Is the frame too thick? The colour not right? We're perfectly honest on all these issues, so be prepared!

Once you have a selection of 'maybes', start eliminating some by comparing similar ones first. Soon you'll be down to two or three frames. We are experts at guiding you to your final selection. A question we often ask people at the point of final decision is, "Imagine this is your frame, you've just collected it, and are about to walk out the door. How do you feel? Are you really content?" This is an effective way of getting to your gut feelings about a frame if you're really stuck between the last couple. Remember that we'll adjust whichever frame you choose to fit your face perfectly.

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