'Muchas punturas' Off the road in San Luis Potosí

In 2004 Kim lived in San Luis Potosí, Mexico (at 1,800 MASL) while working on the film El Leyende del Zorro. He bought a locally made TURBO mountainbike and ventured forth into the altiplano. Kim and Neil Kirkland (with others) explored the environs of San Luis, Cerro de San Pedro, Real de Cartorce, Guanajuato, Zacatecas and San Miguel de Allende. Here is a typical diary entry:

Descending (from 10,000 ft) to Real de Catorce

RDO. Neil and I hit road about 9 am. We head north to exit the city ASAP.
At the Oxxo shop on Periferico we stop to have an icecream and stock up with agua.
We meet up with Robin, Robin has hangover (we have no mercy). Head off into the desert opposite the old Camino Real a Guanajuato.
Get lost and mill around until arrive at the side of railway tracks.
I have the first puncture, Robin lies on ground! Find track and head towards La Cantera, and then carry on through Arroyos to Cerritos. Find section of road before Cerritos. Stock up on fluids at little shop in village, VERY hot and dry by now.
Head on (on new ground) to Ojo de Gato.
From here find a good track heading south-west, but soon runs out.
Carry by compass, on a variety of burro tracks and no-tracks, meandering south. The huge mountains of San Luis are to our right (over 10,000 feet high)
Cross cuota (pay road), and find good track to Emiliano Zapata.
Many, many punctures by now, caused by cacti! Robin has many, many rests! Why does he never get a puncture?
Turn right, cross railway, and check out huge church complex at Jesus Maria.

This is village than Don Tomás warned us of 'all thieves and murderers' - looks OK.
Find nice flat straight road through cornfields heading nor-east to Laguna de San Vicente. Environs almost pleasant.
Arrive at Laguna (a dump), very little water in the laguna.
Head north along sandy track to La Pila. Many more punctures.
At some point veer off to left, cross under cuota, and eventually arrive at Cerritos again. Stock up on fluids, and puncture patches!
Yah, Robin finally has a flat. Head north on sealed road, cross railway and carry on on track beside railway, carry on into Zona Industrial.
Meander home usual route. I check out TURBO factory at Eje 126.
Drop Robin off at the Holiday Inn (he is glad to be back).
Get home to the Hotel Panorama in the Plaza de Fundatores at 5:30 pm - 8 1/2 hours in the heat!

10 punctures, I had 6, Neil 3, Robin 1.
Getting on for 65 - 70 km.
Quick shower then dinner with Jill, Neil and Phil at Posada del Virrey.