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Winter - 2015

Tramping is on the agenda, we climb the Pinnacles in the Coromandel Ranges

and Mount Pirongia in the Waikato.

July - 2015

After I finish on Pete's Dragon Kirsten and I have a cycling holiday in France. Yes again!
We spend a week staying at the luxurious L'Abbaye-Château de Camon, at Camon in the Ariège.
We visit the nearby Rennes-le-Château, but disappointingly fail to find the Holy Grail.

We then join up with the Bikestyle Tours: Pyrennes, Provence, Alps & Paris trip to follow the 102nd Tour de France.
We knock off the Tourmalet, Col dAubisque, Col du Soulor, Cauterets, Mont Ventoux, Alpe d'Huez,
Col de la Madeleine, the Telegraphe & Galibier, and the fabulous Lacets de Montvernier.
The temperature topped 42ºC in the Aveyron and Tarn Gorges - hot!
We have a great time, and as usual ate far, far, too much yummy food.

Xmas - 2014

Back home in Auckland I build us new road bikes: a EMC for Kirsten, and a new Colnago C60 pour moi.

October - 2014

We hike to Cape Brett Lighthouse, and stay at the old light-house keepers cottage.

August - 2014

I start work on Pete's Dragon, a much-loved children's film for Disney.
Electra joins me to be the Graphics Designer, and we rent a handsome apartment in Shed 21 on the Wellington waterfront.

After we finish pre-production we relocate to Rotorua (shooting in Tokoroa), and then Gore (shooting in Tapanui) in Southland.
We enjoy the southern hospitalty, and some mighty fine cheese rolls!

July - 2014

Kirsten and I have a cycling holiday in France - following the 101st Tour de France!
We do the Bikestyle Tours: Alps, Provence, Pyrenees and Paris trip.

We have a fabulous time enjoying La Belle France, the food, the heat, the craziness and the climbing.
I knock off L'Alpe d'Huez, Sestriere, Col d'Izoard, Mont Ventoux, Port de Balès, Hautacam and the Tourmalet.
Over 7,600 m climbing. And I put on 3 kg!

June - 2014

I squeeze in a month at Weta Digital as VFX Art Director again.
Working on the Laketown set for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

May - 2014

Kirsten and I mountainbike the remote Timber Trail through the unspolit Pureora Forest.

17 April 2014

My mother Betty Pauline Sinclair dies of old age at 93.
We have a party to celebrate her life, and drink a surprising amount of champagne!

February - 2014

I do three months work as VFX Art Director for Weta Digital in Wellington..
Designing the 'Koba Tower' set for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Summer - 2014

We squeeze in a quick summer camping holiday at the beautiful Whananaki North.

Xmas - 2013

After the shoot Electra joined Kirsten and I in Edinburgh for a family holiday.
We toured the Scottish Highlands for a week, London, spent New Year in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, a week in Paris, and finished off in San Francisco.

A highlight was stending the shortest day of the year at Sinclair Bay Hotel, Sinclair Bay north of Wick. Bleak!

E chillaxing at Villa Savoye

December - 2013

At the end of the shoot we repair to Achiltibuie, on the wild and remote Coigach Peninsula, in the Scottish Highlands for the last week's filming.

We stay at a charming farm cottage at the even remoter Archnahaird beach.
And meet up every night at the An Fuaran pub for food, whisky and internet.

Magical place, lovely people, and weather, lots of it!
And only five hours daylight.

Spring - 2013

Incredibly enjoyable mountainbiking in the MacKenzie Country on our days off!

Spring - 2013

I design a feature film for first-time writer/director John MacLean (ex The Beta Band).
Slow West
it's an amazing Western starring Michael Fassbender, Kodi Smit-McPhee and Ben Mendelsohn.
We shoot at awesome locations around Twizel and Tekapo in the South Island.

Update: winner of Best Dramatic Picture at Sundance Film Festival!

Autumn - 2013

I design a New Zealand feature film called The Dark Horse.
Brilliant script by director James Napier Robertson.
It stars Cliff Curtiss and James Rolleston.

The Art Department go naturalistic . . .
Update: winner of Best Picture at the New Zealand Film Awards!

February - 2013

A group of friends mountainbike the 42 Traverse.
Raewyn falls on her head, and gets to ride in a helicopter!

28 December 2013

My friend the noted film producer Lloyd Phillips dies unexpectedly in Malibu.
In February I go up to LA for his memorial.

Lloyd was New Zealand's first Oscar winner.

December - 2012

I design a crazy TVC for Samsung: Charge.
The director is very cool dude Romain Gavras.
We shoot over the summer at Bethalls Beach - beautiful weather, place and people.
Weirdness ensures!

A lot of fun!

Spring - 2012

I develop an off-road cycling path for the Greenways Project Inc.
It connects Point England with Glen Innes, Panmure, Mt Wellington and Otahuhu with Otara.

Winter - 2012

I return home, and have a winter holiday in Rotorua with Electra and Chelsea.

July - 2012

OK, the movie crashed when the US studio pulled out, so I spent a week exploring Shanghai, and then home to winter in Auckland.
Life in China seemed to revolve around food - not a bad thing!

June - 2012

I relocated to Hengdian, south of Shanghai in China.
We were based at the Hengdian World Studios - the "largest film studios in the world".
A crazy place! I loved it. Tooling around on my little red GIANT folding bike.

March - 2012

I was off to LA in March to work on an Ed Zwick film called The Great Wall.
A really cool project to be shot in China and New Zealand.
I had 13 weeks in Santa Monica, riding with the Marina del Rey Cycling Club on Sundays - exploring the canyons of the Santa Monica Mountains.

February - 2012

We enjoy a great summer at home in Auckland, with lots of food, drink, parties, cycling, mountainbiking, swimming, surfing and camping.
Oh yes, and I reroof the house.

November - 2011

I finish up on Man of Steel in Chicago, and head home!

I had a great time in Illinois - particularly enjoying the cycle trails on my day off.

December - 2010

I finish up on Tintin at Weta Digital in Wellington and head off to the States to begin work on the new Zack Snyder reboot of Superman: Man of Steel

March - 2010

I'm interviewed by Tom Lisowski on his interesting website: ARTSTARS

Academy Awards.

Rick Carter, Rob Stromberg and Kim Sinclair win Best Art Direction for AVATAR at the 2010 Academy Awards.

OSCAR TIME! What can I say - thanks everyone. You know who you are!

BAFTA Awards.

Rick Carter, Rob Stromberg and Kim Sinclair win Best Production Design for AVATAR at the 2010 BAFTAs.

How good is this? A crazy weekend of partying in London, and a gold mask - a bloody heavy gold mask!

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