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ADG Awards.

Rick Carter and Robert Stromberg win Best Fantasy Feature Film for AVATAR at the Art Directors Guild awards.

Meanwhile I do interviews in the Dominion Post and the New Zealand Herald.

Oscar nominations.

AVATAR nominated for Art Direction: Rick Carter, Robert Stromberg and Kim Sinclair.

Woo bloody hoo!

BAFTA nominations.

AVATAR nominated for Production Design: Rick Carter, Robert Stromberg and Kim Sinclair.

Woo hoo!

Xmas - 2009

AVATAR released. What can I say . . . people like it!

Marjorie the painter goes ballistic - checking out Jake's .30 cal machine gun in the Samson!

Click here for more making of the Samson.

Very excited about AVATAR!

The movie is being released on 17 December in New Zealand.
Weta Digital are about to complete their VFX work on AVATAR towards the end of November, which will mark the third anniversary of Kim's involvement in the project.

Here's a timeline of the work:

2006 November 19 - Kim flies to LA to meet Jim Cameron and talk with Rick Carter and the LA Art Department.

2006 December - various trips to Wellington to look for stage spaces and liaise with Weta Workshop.

2007 January 10 - Kim moves to Wellington and starts setting up a NZ Art Department.

2007 January 17 - Skunkworks team of 5 start researching future aircraft construction.

2007 February 13 - start to crew up Art Department.

2007 February 17 - Jim visits Wellington

2007 March 5 - production moves into Stone Street Studios, Miramar, Wellington.

2007 April 16 - construction underway on all the main sets.

2007 October 16 - Jim moves to Wellington

2007 October 24 - Live Action shoot starts in Wellington - first set 'The Shacks' at Central Park.

2008 January 14 - Live Action shooting resumes after Xmas break.

2008 March 7 - Last day of filming (Day 88) - on 'Rainforest' set at Central Park, Porirua.

2008 March 14 - Kim returns to Auckland.

There were over 50 people in the New Zealand Art Department, and Construction numbered over 150.
We had over 44 subcontractors, and let 647 contracts.

The Heads of Department were:

Art Directors: Jill Cormack (Props and Dressing), Nick Bassett (Aircraft), Simon Bright (Sets), Rob Bavin (Screens), Andy McLaren (Props Making).
Construction Supervisor: Neil Kirkland
Construction Managers: Ed Mullholland & Nik Novis
Lead Scenic Artist: Ally Maher
Lead Fabricator: Graham Aston
Greens Supervisor: Josh Patterson
Props Buyer: Melissa Spicer
Lead Dresser: Tanea Chapman
Graphics: Campbell Read

After the movie is released, I'll post some 'making of' pics . . . .

April 2009: Kim is working on an exciting new project:


Kim has been helping local cycling advocacy groups:

the Auckland Harbour Bridge campaign.


Tiger R. I P.

Electra has been busy doing homework, sailing, and skinny-tyre-cycling (with her friend Chelsea) and mountainbiking and doing stuff on her computer!


Just before Xmas the family moved into a new house at Kohimarama, and have been enjoying summer by the beach.

Career oportunities (pt. 5): Kim starts work on the Charles Upham biopic called THE MARK OF THE LION.
After five weeks on location in Christchurch the production has financial problems and folds - double d'uh!!

Career oportunities (pt. 4): Kim starts to Production Design UNDER THE MOUNTAIN, but it has financial problems and folds - d'uh!

Electra is sailing her Starling.

Kirsten is mapping Auckland's cycle routes.

Kim returns from 15 months in Wellington on AVATAR to change light bulbs and tap washers.


Xmas - Family has great holiday in Sydney, NSW, Orstralia.

Photo taken with iPhone!

January - Career oportunities (pt. 3): Kim is Supervising Art Director on the James Cameron feature film AVATAR
Filmed at Stone Street Studios, Miramar. To be released December 2009 in 3D. It's big, very BIG! And will be extremely cool.

While in Wellington Kim rides on the tar with the Onslow Tar Babies, and off the tar with the team from work. Neil, Colin and SLR.
Thanks to Stefan for the neat jerseys.


Summer (huh) - Kim and Electra hit the waves in their Phase 2 (it's double neat)!

August - Career opoprtunities (pt. 2): Kim is now working as a Bike Mechanic at VELO bikeshop, on Hobson Street in the City.

June/July - Career opoprtunities (pt. 1): Kim travelled to the States to hang with the JAZZ APPLE cycling team, make a video, and do some wrenching.

May - Kim is back from Wellington, where he production designed BLACK SHEEP, a horror/comedy feature written and directed by Jonathan King. Great crew, great fun. It's all about what happens when good sheep go bad - VERY bad!

Summer cycling. Kim knocked off The 42 Traverse - a mountainbike ride from National Park to Owhango in the Central Volcanic Plateau. It was a VERY hot day when a group of Manakau Vets took the challenge. According to the Kennett's " . . .brilliant biking on old logging tracks through remote native bush . . " Cheers!


New page added - Music. What KSA listen too - explains a lot!

Winter cycling. Kim and Kirsten did the Okoroire Fun Ride - it poured down!
Kim did a couple of Stephen Cox's Waikato rides - it poured down!
Kim (and Neil Kirkland) mountain biked the 'Old Motu Coach Road' in the East Cape.

Day two profile

View from Onukuroa (top of 11 km climb)

The Sinclair family finally got together for a holiday - 4 weeks in Italy - very nice! We visited Venice, Vicenza, Mantova, Florence, Siena and Rome. Highlight was a week staying near Siena at the Villa di Sergardi a Catignano.

'More Fricking Gondolas'
from hotel window in Venezia (live sound)

Bike news: Kim replaced his old COLNAGO C-40 with a spiffy new C-50, and Kirsten also went plastic fantastic with a 'T-Mobile Team' GIANT TCR. Kim is enjoying riding in Dave Benson's SOUTH AUCKLAND RETRO RIDES on his 1991 LOOK KG96 Team Replica, and his restored 1975 BIANCHI 'Specialissima' road bike. Electra likes mountain biking at Woodhill Forest - especially the downhills!


Kim spent most of 2004 in Mexico art directing the Antonio Banderas/Catherine Zeta-Jones film THE LEGEND OF ZORRO. He was based in San Luis Potosí, a colonial ex silver-mining city high in the altiplano (500 km north of Mexico City). As usual Neil Kirkland was along supervising construction. Yes, there was mountainbiking to be had in the desert and mountains. Kirsten and Electra joined him for his 50th birthday celebrated in style at San Miguel de Allende. They also visted Real de Catorce.

After filming was completed in Mexico Kim went to Wellington to work with WETA Workshop. They built a 1:4.7 scale miniature steam train - to match the full-size one that had been constructed and filmed in San Luis Potosí. Much fun was had filming and blowing up the train!


Kim designed a TV Comedy series called SERIAL KILLERS, and art directed a TVC for MASTECARD shot on the island of Nanuya Lailai in the Yasawa Group, Fiji.
Family activities included visiting White Island (an active volcano off the Bay of Plenty), swimming with the dolphins at the Napier Marineland, and a holiday in Fiji.


Kim was art director on the Tom Cruise film THE LAST SAMURAI, and so spent 10 months living in New Plymouth. Highlights of the great time spent in Taranaki included exploring the back country by mountain bike, riding with the friendly 'Naki sunday bunch, and doing the Round the Mountain ride (on the tandem with Electra). Other activities included kayaking down the Mokau River and climbing Mt Egmont.


Kim was the art director in Thailand on the Angelina Jolie/Clive Owen film BEYOND BORDERS. Kim and Neil Kirkland (construction co-ordinator) lived in Thailand for 7 months. Kim flew to Bangkok on Sptember the 11th! Kim and Neil split their time between Kanchanaburi in the south and Ban Thap Dua (50 km north of Chiang Mai) in the Golden Triangle. Highlights of this time including experiencing Bangkok, the 'Death Railway' and the 'Bridge over the River Kwai' at Kan'buri, visiting Phnom Penh in Cambodia, long-tail boating up the Mekong River, and exploring the Golden Triangle including some (you guessed it) great mountain biking.


The film HER MAJESTY that Kim designed won Best Design (Kim Sinclair), Best Costume (Lesley Burkes-Harding) and Best Hair & Make-up (Debra East) at the 2001 NOKIA NEW ZEALAND FILM AWARDS. In 2004 the film was released in New Zealand, and continues to gather awards and excellent reviews at film festivals around the world.


KSa return to Auckland after a year in Queenstown art directing the feature film VERTICAL LIMIT. Kim then finished building new KS Associates studio adjacent to house.

Studio on the right.

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