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Welcome to my homepages, which contain writings on outdoor education and outdoor recreation. Most of these documents are freely available online.

A Comparison of Two Outdoor Adventure Centres
A paper written for the League for the Exchange of Commonwealth Teachers. (1983, digitised and edited 2014.)

Climbing Lessons – Inside Outdoor Education. A book. Autobiographical. (1997.) Not yet digitised, so only available as a printed book.

The Story of White Hall Centre: Outdoor Education across the Decades. (2018.)

The first four of the following articles and essays pick up themes introduced in Climbing Lessons, but from a New Zealand perspective. They are available as PDF files. To open them you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

On the aims of outdoor education.

The aims of outdoor education formed an underlying theme of Climbing Lessons. 'Issues of Progress' could be read as a New Zealand postscript to the book.

Issues of Progress – Trends in the Training of Outdoor Leaders. An essay that returned to the aims theme of Climbing Lessons. (2000.)

On outdoor risk management.

The documenting of outdoor risk management was not a foremost issue during the period covered by Climbing Lessons. But it received much attention, both in the UK and in New Zealand, in the 1990s. These three pieces commented on outdoor risk management in New Zealand in 1998–2002:

Ease of Long Practice. A journal article on risk management. (1998.)

The Waihao River Tragedy: When Will They See the Error of Their RAMS? A newsletter article on risk management. (2000.)

Safety Guidelines Online. An essay on risk management. (2002.)

On outdoor recreation.

Going Out for a Bike Ride: An AOK Diary, 2002–3. A diary of a summer's recreational mountain-biking in the Dunedin area and in North and Central Otago. (2003.)

High-quality Access. In January 2003, the Minister for Rural Affairs, Jim Sutton, set up the Land Access Ministerial Reference Group to examine access to land. In August 2003 the Government published the Group's report, Walking Access in the New Zealand Outdoors. Accompanying each copy of the Report was a letter from Jim Sutton inviting public comment. The letter included a list of questions under the heading, 'Feedback'. 'High-quality Access' responded to those feedback questions. (2003.)

An Ill-founded Monopoly: Walkers' Exclusive Possession of All the Tracks in New Zealand's National Parks. A submission to the Draft General Policy National Parks Act of August 2003. This submission argued that the General Policy should allow bicycles on selected tracks in the national parks. (2003.)

Topographic Maps and Recreational Access in the New Zealand Outdoors. (2004.)

The Age of Submissions: Recreational Access to the Outdoors. This paper was an update on the access issues, for outdoor recreators, September 2004. (2004.)

Walking Access across Private Land: Behind the Soundbites. An examination of two years of controversy over walking access across private land, from January 2003 to December 2004. (2004.)

Buskin Track (80114) and Others. A look at the incomplete recording of accessways, walking tracks and tramping routes on the topographic maps of the Dunedin area in April 2005. (2005.)

Maps for the People: The Mapping Issues of Walking Access in the New Zealand Outdoors. (2005.)

A Submission on Outdoor Walking Access: Consultation Document. A submission to the Walking Access Consultation Panel. (2006.)

Recreational Map-users in New Zealand: The Haves and the Have-nots. (2006.)

Queen Charlotte Track: Origins and Issues. By 2010, access issues connected with the Queen Charlotte Track in the Marlborough Sounds had been gathering momentum since about 2004. This paper looked briefly at the origins of the Queen Charlotte Track – but not as far back as Maori trails and Pakeha bridle tracks – and it described the developments that had led to the 2010 proposal to impose a user-access fee. (2010.)

Foot-tracks in New Zealand: Origins, Access Issues, and Recent Developments. (2011.)

Buskin Track and Others, Eight Years On. (2013.)

Tracks on Web-maps of the Dunedin Area and the Expanding Role of Track-names. (2013.)


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