Buskin Track (80114) and Others

Pete McDonald.

In 1989 Bruce Mason of the Otago Peninsula Walkers identified Buskin Road as being a public road. On 4 November 1991 Dunedin City Council approved the Otago Peninsula Plan for Public Access, which confirmed that walkers and mountain-bikers had access to Buskin Road.

Fourteen years later, in 2005, the map you needed for the Otago Peninsula was the 1:50,000 Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) Dunedin Topographic Map 260-I44 & J44. The latest edition of this paper map was the 2002 one. It did not show Buskin Track.

When checked in April 2005, the LINZ digital 1:50,000 topographic map, NZTopoOnline, did not yet show Buskin Track.

'Buskin Track (80114) and Others' looked at the incomplete recording of accessways, walking tracks and tramping routes on the LINZ topographic maps of the Dunedin area in April 2005. The study also guessed on whether the findings might carry any national message.

April 2005.

Buskin Track (80114) and Others (1.28 MB, fifty-three A4 pages).

Update, June 2008.
Buskin Track was added to NZTopoOnline sometime in 2007 or 2008, about eighteen years after Bruce Mason drew attention to the unformed public roads of the Otago Peninsula.

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