Going Out for a Bike Ride:
An AOK Diary, 2002–3

Pete McDonald.

'Going Out for a Bike Ride' describes some recreational mountain-biking undertaken in 2002–3 in the Dunedin area and in North and Central Otago. Here and there in the generally enthusiastic narrative lie several accounts of access difficulties. The second half formed a supplement to the diary, looking first at access matters local to Dunedin and Otago, and then at several national access issues of that time.

May 2003.

Going Out for a Bike Ride (1.6 MB, eighty-four A4 pages).


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26 March 1896. A physician who has given much thought to the subject of cycling says that so long as the cyclist can breathe with the mouth shut he is certainly perfectly safe as far as heart-strain is concerned.