Issues of Progress
Trends in the Training of Outdoor Leaders

By Pete McDonald. An essay, from a New Zealand perspective.

The ingredients that make a capable outdoor leader haven't changed much in a hundred years. Or have they? This essay, written in 2000, looked at some trends in outdoor-leader training and in outdoor education.

The aims of outdoor education had formed an underlying theme of the author's book Climbing Lessons (1997). 'Issues of Progress' returned to the aims theme of that book. It argued that, before we examine the components of effective outdoor leadership, we should recognise that different outdoor educators can have very different aims.

Published in 2000 in booklet form.
ISBN 0-473-06571-1.

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Photo - P Graham and party
After the third ascent of Mt Cook, in 1905. Standing: R S Low, Peter Graham, Jack Clarke. Sitting: Canon Newton and Dr Teichelmann. Graham and Clarke both became chief guides at the Hermitage.