The Waihao River Tragedy:
When Will They See the Error of Their RAMS?

By Pete McDonald. A newsletter article examining where the form-filling breaks down.

In the late 1990s the RAMS (Risk Analysis and Management System) was one New Zealand approach to risk management. Several national bodies, including the Ministry of Education and the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council, had endorsed and promoted the RAMS in guidelines and handbooks. This article returned to a theme of my earlier piece, 'Ease of Long Practice'. It argued that analysing risk by form-filling was unreliable if the form-filler – however well intentioned – lacked the necessary outdoor-leadership experience for the particular activity being planned.

The article was published in The NZOIA Quarterly, September 2000. It assumed some background knowledge of the accident and of the New Zealand outdoor industry.

PDF icon The Waihao River Tragedy (19 KB, six A5 pages).

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