Four Musicals for Schools and

Three Musicals for Theatre Productions





Set in the future. Aboard their space ship Vigilant, the female Space Pirates have captured the evil dictator Odium. Later they are forced to land on a dark and strange planet called Zodark and encounter some Misunderstood Monsters. Features Rock 'n' Roll music, large chorus songs and solo ballads.

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Set in medieval England, this is the story of the quest of Prince Justin to free the beautiful Caralinda who has been held by Duke Carver in Strifetorn Castle. With the aid of magic characters like The Mystrix, Zerlin, Hebe plus Jane and the Ghosts, the tables are turned. Large chorus and solo singing parts. Up tempo and Rock 'n' Roll songs and solo ballads.

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Set in the future. In space, a royal family comes into conflict with the Voodons and an intergalactic developer Baron Wastes. Other characters include Queen Fara, Princess Kimnoss, Corpos, Stark, Prince Dronos, The Surfies, The Zombies, The Zandrusites and Astrid and Stella.

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In the quest for water and harmony, the story features all the classic characters of the wild west - The Gunfighter (Drongo kid), The school Ma'am (Miss Scow). The Mayor, The Sherriff, The Bandits, The Medicine Man (Professor Pecksniff), Wild Bill Hiccup, Stinkers and The Dancing Girls.

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