Three full length Musicals for Theatrical Productions



Tells the story of the French Government's act of sabotage that sank the Greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior on July 10th, 1985 while it was moored in Auckland Harbour.

Many of the key characters include French agents Alain Marfart and Dominique Prieur, photographer Frenado Pereira, Double Agent Frederique Bonilieu and the lovers Justin and Becky.



The musical story of the legendary hospital worker Florence Nightingale from the time of her early twenties in London through to her time in the Crimean war and her triumphant return to England. 25 songs in total in up-tempo ballads and narration styles. Singing roles by Florence, Society Ladies and Gentlemen, Soldiers, Nurses, Dr. Hall, Generals & Alexi Soyer.

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The Littlest Elf is a Christmas musical designed for schools and theatre groups who require a musical for staging by primary school age children. It is written with maximum flexibility in mind in order to cater for productions with small or large groups with limited or plentiful resources.

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