Ring of Magic

The story :

A nasty duke gains control of pleasant Brightborn Castle, and also the
destiny of a beautiful orphan, the Lady Caralina. When Caralinda grows up,
suitors from far and near arrive to woo her, but Duke Carver sets them such
difficult tasks in order to win her that none succeed. Angered by the Duke's
spitefulness, the castle ghosts gather to haunt him.

The play opens with the villagers bemoaning their lot under the rule of Duke
Carver, the Lord of 'Strifetorn Castle'. Yet another suitor, Prince Justin
arrives,posing as a minstrel, and tries to cheer the villagers with a song.
Justin's presence is soon reported by the Duke's spies, led by Pry, and he
is duly arrested and taken to the castle, where he meets both the formidable
Duke and the lovely Caralinda. Strangely, the lady refuses to speak to
Justin, even when invited by the Duke to do so. Justin spends the night in
the dungeons of Castle Strifetorn, where he encounters the castle ghosts,
Pry and Maisie the Mystrix. a fantastical lady who is destined to save him
from an evil fate on more than one occasion.

The following day Duke Carver asks Justin to deliver, within two days,
Helga's Hoard, a legendary treasure. With the aid of The Mystrix, the wizard
Zerlin, and a rose from Caralinda, Justin succeeds in finding and delivering
the treasure, despite attemots by the Duke to have him killed.

While Justin is searching for the treasure, we learn how Duke Carver  gained
control of the castle, of the evil hold he has over the Lady Caralinda, and
of the true nature of Pry, the Duke's right-hand-man. Finally, after most of
the Duke's guards have deserted him, he is forced to acknowledge Justin's
success and his own defeat. The now imprisoned Duke escapes with the
treasure and, oursued by some of his ex-guards, is drawn to a strange fate,
and the 'ring of magic' surrounding Helga's treasure is completed.

All ends happily when Sir Roland, Caralinda's brother, is freed from the
Duke's power, the villaqers are released from tyranny, and, of course, the
Prince wins his Lady. Castle 'Strifetorn' once again becomes Castle