Starblaze tells the story of a group of female freedom fighters on board the spaceship Vigilant. After a space battle they capture the evil dictator Odium and his Heavies. However, with the assistance of the traitorous genius Dr. Sneech, Odium captures the ship and forces it to land on the Planet Zodark. All the pirates are taken under guard to Zodark City except Sandy, the daughter of the captain who manages to escape. Alone and frightened in the outlands of Zodark she meets a young Zodark called Astro and after an initial period of mutal suspicion, the two become friends. However they are quickly captured by a band of roaming monsters called the Horriffs whose personal appearance is so repulsive that for years they have struck fear into all Zodarks. But it transpires that they are in fact "misunderstood monsters" who simply want to be friendly to everyone.

Back in Zodark City Odium is preparing to execute the pirates. When the Zodark leader protests, he too is condemned to die. Just as the Heavies are raising their weapons, the Horriffs, led by Sandy and Astro burst in, overcome the Heavies and capture Odium, where uipon peace and harmony is restored.



STARBLAZE is a bright musical which has catching melodies that will leave the audience humming on the way home. It is suitable for junior high, high school or theatre groups seeking a production that is ideal for family audiences.