Featured Music in the New Kiwi Playlist
This month's featured Kiwi Album

Abbie - Everything To Me
Alayna - Falling Autumn
Aly Cook - Western Line
B O K E H - Dont Leave The Fire
Bank Land - Gold
Brendon Thomas And The Vibes - Copper Shades
Ciaran Mcmeeken - Which Way Shall We Go
Cymbol - Slipping
Dead Favours - Dig
Decades - I Was With Him
Eden Mulholland - Lego Ships
Glass Vaults - Brooklyn
Grayson Gilmour - Hundred Waters
House Of Shem - Anything You Ask For
I Am Giant - Dead Flower
Jody Direen - Dirt Rich
Kane Strang - Oh So Youre Off I See
Kayla Mahon - Do You Ever
Kendall Elise - Heart Full Of Dirt
Knives At Noon - Little Vicious
Lord Echo Ft Mara Tk - The Sweetest Meditation
Miltones - Wildfire
Nomad - I Wont Stop
Physical - Islands
Pipsy - Why Cant I Get What I Want For Once
Ranea - Tihei Mauri Ora
Response - Holding Out For Something
Seth Haapu - Nature
Shakes - Waiting On A Feeling
Sola Rosa Ft Noah Slee - Back To You
Space Above - Let It Still
Thomas Oliver - Shine Like The Sun
Veils - Swimming With The Crocodiles
Young Lyre - Winter
Zen Mantra - Remember You At All

Tami Neilson - Red Dirt Angel

To find more about Tami



Comin' Around
Favouritest Thing ~0
Hey Beautiful
Missin' the Groom
One Bad Day
Red Dirt Angel
Same Old Devil
She Dances with Angels
Sister Cash (Feat. Joanne Cash)

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